Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bagel Day

OCD made me late for work. Could not leave without doing something about the audio problem, so I plugged in the special microphone and ran the A/V unit's speaker balancing routine. It sends a tone out each speaker, one by one, and measures the amplitude and phase, and sets the default levels. Found the issue - no sound from the center speaker.

Pulled the speaker out, the connections looked fine. Pulled the A/V unit out, ditto. Tried again. Still no sound from the center.

Put my glasses on, and checked again. One of the wires was pushed too far into the connector, so only insulation was making contact. Fixed that, ran the routine again, got audio all around. Now sound from the Tivo is what it should be. And the A/V unit is back to correctly auto-detecting Dolby/DTS/Stereo again.

Got to work a little after 10, but there were still bagels. It was a combination of many engineers on vacation and they bought about half a dozen more than usual.

We got a new build, and also a lost of fixed bugs, so most of the day I worked on those.

Lunch was at Togo's, the ugly one by Mission College. Had the Italian on sourdough. Wasn't hungry enough to finish it, half of it is in my fridge now.

Straight home after work. The predicted rain hardly happened at all, though I heard some thunder last night. 

So far 3 people have let me know they received a calendar. One in Oregon, one WA and one Boston.

Sent a note to the guy who won the auction for the big laptop telling him pay today or get a negative review. He claimed he emailed me to say he no longer wanted it, but I know that's a lie. I went to put in negative feedback and discovered I had to instead report him as a non-paying bidder if I wanted to get my listing fee back. So that happened.

I took lemmozine's advice and listed the other one, the ultrabook as buy it now/OBO with no end date. Will do the same for this one after the process is over. I still have so many things to sell. A nice 3/4 frame Nikon with a bunch of lenses which won't work on my nicer full frame Nikon, for instance. But this time of year everyone wants an insane bargain. So maybe next year.

Automation Guy may buy the Sony not-4K A/V unit from me. Ebay is out, shipping would be prohibitive. But he has also located a lesser brand online for $250 or so. I may sell it to him for a little less than what the other one costs. It's too good to give to Goodwill. And he used to work for Sony too, so he knows it's good stuff.

There's still an issue with the Bolt, it stops sending a signal for about 5 seconds when you hit play, FF, REW or skip. That blanks out the TV so you can't see how far it has FFed or REWed. I narrowed it down to the Tivo by playing Youtube on all three - TV, blu-ray & tivo. Only tivo had the blackout. If it was the A/V it would have blacked out with the blu-ray.

I'm hitting more wroing than right keys. Tiome to stop
Plans for tomorrow:

PO - mail an RMA
1 pm, meet a friend at CHM, use my membership to get us both in free

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