Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

CHM outing, and Problem worked around

Was up till 3 am, couldn't tear myself away from the tablet & youtube.

Slept till 9, or 10, and by 11 decided the trip to the PO was not happening.

Got to Computer History Museum at 12:40, for a 1 pm appointment with Janice and her 10-year-old charge§. Checked out the new Ada Lovelace display in the lobby. They finally arrived 10 minutes late. Just in time to see the Babbage Engine demo. We got M up to the front of the crowd (why do the tallest people stand in front?). The presenter was very good, but the script was dead boring. Here he is, standing in front of this amazing mechanism, and instead of operating it he is giving the entire history of mathematical function tables back to the 18th century. M bailed after about 3 minutes, and we went to the next exhibit over, the Google autonomous car. He knew the make & model, figured out where all the sensors were, I opened the door so he could sit inside and see that it did have gas and brake pedals. Had to guide a woman aside who was looking in the window instead of being intelligent and trying the door.

Long story short, we did the whole museum tour, often surprised at how much M knew about what he was seeing, and also at how wrong Janice was about what she thought he would be interested in. He’s a very smart guy, very visual, a fast reader and he had the patience to sit through videos which most of the kids in the place ignored.

After we did the loop, we went across the street to Starbucks, because the cafe was closing up. He showed me all the stuff he had on his tablet, and we had some fun with him taking photos of us and mangling them with apps called “make me old”, “make me funny” and “make me bald”. We agreed the latter was redundant for me, after I defined redundant for him.

Back to the museum, because, as he noted, no museum trip is complete without a visit to the gift shop. He found the science toy sets, and was torn between the “build a motor” one for $30 and the “build lots of robot games” one for $60. Between $ Janice had for him, and some he had on his own, he could afford $60, but I had to explain to Janice ROI before she was sold on the more expensive one. Twice the price for 4x the fun is the better investment.

Home, did one more experiment with the Tivo. Plugged the cable directly into the TV HDMI-1 port. Same problem. Changed to the TV’s HDMI-3 port, and the problem went away. Plugged it back into the A/V unit, and switched the A/V connection to HDMI-3, and it still worked. I is a happy camper.

Watched the rest of The Wiz Live! Used FF a lot. Most of the music is crap. Most of the dialog is pretty clever. There is only one song, which the Tin Man sings, which I truly enjoyed. A ballad, one of the few which did not devolve into black baptist shouting/screaming and/or a 10-minute choreography routine.

I did not like that they axed the Kansas/Oz character pairs. Only Dorothy is in both. Not bringing Toto to Oz effed up the Wizard Reveal and the missed-the-balloon ending. The women playing Dorothy, Aunty Em and the good witches were not up to the task.

Costumes, makeup, sets and dancing was mostly superb.

Queen Latifa's performance was worth full price. Mary J Blige's performance, whose alleged music IRL hurts my brain, was worth senior discount price. Common, who played the Doorman, totally stole his scenes.  I also enjoyed  Ne-Yo as the Tin Man.

Dinner was another pair of stuffed cabbages, corn on the cob and dark chocolate macadamias for dessert.

§M is one of a pair of twins. He and his sister have a mom who is in the AA with Janice. Janice has been a close family friend and mentor for years (Janice has a degree in social work). Their dad, a NASA engineer, died unexpectedly of a heart attack about 2 years ago. Since then, Janice has been "Aunt Janice”, taking IMHO way more responsibility for the twins than their mom needs. M has issues, has been through many medications and has been put in an institution at least once. From what I have seen & heard, he’s fully functional in society, as long as society isn’t inflicting a lot of stupid on him.

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