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Early post because there is no there there

Went to bed at something like midnight. I think. I remember that when I fired up the tablet to check Instagram, Spook hopped up on the bed and inched her way toward the hand that was holding a slice of American Singles cheeselike foodlike substance and meowed about 6 times. I broke off a tiny piece and placed it on the bedsheet in front of her. She ate it, jumped off the bed and walked away.

Slept till the 8:30 weekend alarm went off. I only woke up twice during the night.

I can't see much of what the weather is like from the bathroom or bedroom, so when I went to the kitchen to take meds and think about going to CHM for the members' reception, it was a big surprise to see gray skies and leaves blowing down the street. Went out onto the porch and it was raining more heavily than  it has for the past 2 years.

Went to CHM anyway. Fog hit at about 3 exits before Shoreline, and people were driving like desert nomads in a snowstorm. I took the Moffet exit and surface streets, which added maybe 5 minutes.

Found a parking spot right in the front, it was hidden by an Elon Muskmobile which had parked diagonally, flush against the flower bed instead of straight between the lines.

Went inside, did not see a reception or any signs for it. Asked at the desk, and they pointed me to behind the café. There was a table with a list and a woman checked off my name. Instead of the usual buffet, it was just some croissants, cookies, rice crispy squares and coffee/tea. Not worth coming out for in the storm, especially since I had already seen the new exhibit yesterday. There was supposed to be a tour:

I was there at 10:30 till 11:30 but it never happened. Instead, I went into the theater and watched a BBC documentary on Ada Lovelace (the subject of the new exhibit). Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing. The movie was a mixed bag. The decidedly female redheaded mathematician Dr Hannah Fry is the host whom we followed to the Lovelace stately mansion, and also to even statelier Holloway Hall in a London university, to Essex Downs were Ada lost a fortune for a syndicate of bettors using a calculated formula for winning, and finally to Church of St Mary Magdalene in Hucknall, Nottingham where Ada was buried next to her dad, Lord Byron. Somewhat odd, because she never saw or heard from her dad after she was 5 months old.

In between the live action were horribly crude animated sepia pen drawings, which were used ad nauseum. One was of Ada in her prom dress watching Babbage crank his shaft, and the other of a child Ada holding up a butterfly with flapping wings. It was supposed to be a bird. Blame poor art work.

At Holloway, the host interviews Doron Swade, a Lovelace/Babbage expert who explains their relationship. Swade was behind the project to build the Babbage Engine, though I didn't hear that mentioned in the movie.
The URL at the end of the movie is a 404. But it's here IRL.

Gave the tour one more try, but again it was a no-show so I went home.

Where it rained a lot more, and when I went outside to look, was pelted with hail the size of BBs, but by the thousands carried on 60mph winds.

Watched on Tivo as the 49ers returned to their former infamy, and the Raiders pulled out an upset win thanks to spectacular defense play. In a bit I'll see if what is left of the Patriots can pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Heard from England, cousins received calendars. Yay!

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA with calendars

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