Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Better latent than never

Slept too well Sunday night, woke up Monday morning when the 8:30 alarm went off, which means I forgot to switch from my weekend alarm to my workday alarm of 7:30. Somehow got to work on time anyway.

Had some issues trying to run tests, someone in the staff meeting gave me a hint that with the latest update I should have erased the database and started over with all my video feeds. So that took most of the day, since I had to check each output one by one.

Looks like it did the trick though.

Lunchtime went to the PO to mail a small parcel but after 5 minutes of the line not moving at all, and seeing the Helpful Postal Clerk From Pleasantville§ slooooowly and meticulously processing a stack of three over-sized parcels in front of her, I knew this line was not moving in my lifetime. So I drove back to work and made a lunch of one of the cup of noodles in my stash, peanut butter and jelly, and grapes.

Checking the ESPN feed reminded me there was MNF so I went home and turned that on. But since last week they had a full house at BASFA, and I had a few calendars to give out, I paused Tivo at 7, and went to Coco's. 7:15 is way too early for that 8 pm meeting, even with ordering dinner. I had only put 3 calendars in envelopes, the idea being that the person who usually shows up late and sits next to me thinks she is entitled to one but isn't, so I didn't want it to be obvious I had brought calendars. I had more in the car in case all 5 people who deserved one showed up, but only 2 did. It was a poorly attended meeting, only lasted an hour. Dinner was ribs, which were pretty good but expensive.

Home, FFed through the rest of MNF, and watched the afternoon episode of PTI, which predicted the winner of MNF correctly for a change.

She is the most pleasant person you could ever meet. 50-ish, short salt and pepper hair, round, slightly taller than average, Caucasian so much taller than the other clerks who are all tiny Asians. No matter how simple the transaction is, she will explain at great lengths every possible option which exists for mailing the item. Hand her a parcel in an official Priority Mail flat rate box with correct postage and official address label with everything printed, tracking bar code and insurance already on it, the only reason you are not dropping it in the mailbox is it exceeds the paranoid TSA-ish weight rule for air mail, and you will be there for 10 minutes.

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