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Half an hour of my time I'll never get back, and 3 hours of an engineer's because...

..his boss didn't read to the end of the comments on a bug I filed.

I filed a bug against our latest product, but another team member did not see the bug when she tried it. Turns out the bug was in the version of analysis software I was using, not in our product. She had a later version of the analyzer, where the bug had been fixed.

I wrote this all up in the bug's comments, and what should have happened is the engineering manager should have read the comment, and closed the issue as "no bug".

What actually happened is he assigned an engineer to the bug, who also did not read down to that comment, and spent hours trying to reproduce the issue, using a different analyzer, one which did not have this bug.

When he came to me for a demo, I showed him the comment, and we agreed he would add his comment, suggesting this be changed to "no bug".

Neither of us have permissions to change a bug to "closed".

Today went like that all day. I found a bug which was filed by my team leader, who is currently on vacation overseas, which had two parts. One was critical - a feature was missing from the GUI. The other was less important, an error message popping up where there should not be one, giving incorrect instructions for avoiding the error. Engineering fixed the critical part, but not the error message, so I had to mark the whole thing as not fixed.

And then I found a similar bug, this one said some entries into a table disappeared from the GUI after they were entered. Testing the allegedly fixed bug, that error message from the previous bug popped up, preventing me from entering anything into the table at all. So also not fixed.

And then three more bugs which actually were fixed.

Lunchtime started with a trip top the PO near Santa Clara U, which is usually less crowded than the one I was at yesterday. The line was not long, but it was moving more slowly than it should have because someone at one of thee two windows had a major attitude, and it sounded like literacy issues as well. The clerk tried to help, but the customer took it as an insult and as a petty bureaucrat in the way.

When I got to that same window 15 minutes later, it took maybe 3 minutes to mail my parcel. Big WTF on postal rates -it cost about 25% less to send it first class than parcel post.

Next stop was UPS, on the same street, but the other end of town. Nice man had me skip the line and set the prepaid 20-lb package on the scale. Had a receipt and was out of there in 3 minutes.

Back towards work, had time to go to the bad Korean buffet. Disappointed that the Korean beef ribs are permanently off the menu.

Did some online shopping. Re-ordered cat treats, Payday bars and ordered a replacement for the rechargeable battery in the Logitech remote. Found a reasonably priced 4K blu-ray player and 4K DVDs of the two Ghostbusters flicks, but the reviews for the player were poor, and Amazon's choices looked too limited. Might have something to do with using smile to donate to my local theater group.

So after work I went to Fry's, and sure enough there was a Panasonic 4K blu-ray player for less than the one on Amazon. Got that, then went in search of 4K DVDs, but they didn't have any. Not even in the porn section.

Home, hooked up the new player, reprogrammed the remote, and played about half an hour of the live action section of Enchanted. The upscaling from 1080i worked well, but I'm not sure I like the Cinerama aspect ratio on my 16:9 screen. Hoping the 4K movies will be 16:9.

Watched the last 2 episodes of South Park. I think they have lost their way. The whole season has been about the scourge we call Political Correctness, with gentrification piled on top as if the two were related (I don't think they are). I am not a fan of the artist formerly known as Bruce Jenner, but the face they have given her is way more Picasso than it has any right to be. They have forgotten that humor works best when it is grounded in truth. They did make a good point about targeted pop-up ads.

Also watched today's PTI, but had to re-do the One Pass because it had become a Two Pass. The same show runs at different times on two different channels, and Tivo mistakes that for two new episodes unless you start with the channel and not with the program name.

The last upgrade did a cute thing. Instead of the channel numbers, it shows the logos of the station. I'd rather have both.

Spook brought me the damaged mouse while I was watching rats and roaches and pigeons cleaning up the mess on the screen. Marie Calendar pot roast which was half potatoes. Dessert was a few dark chocolate covered macadamias.

Online, ordered the combined Ghostbusters I & II allegedly mastered in 4K. Also saw my paycheck had made it into my CU account, which gave me enough to schedule my next Discover Card payment to a zero balance.  

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure/Safeway - I need egg nog & it'll be cold enough to leave it in the car. Also need eye drops & sandpaper, not sure if this big store has the latter.


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