Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nailed It

I have to learn to not show up early at the nail salon, because when I do the only person available is the one who does the worst job. Not a bad job, just little mistakes, like a couple of my fingertips are super-glued to the nails. And one of the fingers is sore where she trimmed the cuticle too close. And she took 40 minutes.

Still better and more convenient than most of the places I've been to.

After I went to Safeway and bought egg nog, and stuff to buff down a couple of bumps in my dentures, and eye drops.

Work was not too busy, it took me a while to figure out how to run a pair of tests on my list. 1-on-1 with boss was good, lots of feedback for him on bugs. And from him on a feature which is supposed to be taken out of the product but has not been yet. Apparently I muddied the waters by testing it and passing those tests.

Home, Spook was lying on the floor next to her brush, meowing and flipping back and forth on her back, so I brushed her. She got into it for a while, then suddenly decided she was scared of my hand. She still has not figured out the brush loop I set up for her.

Watched PTI and Elementary on the Bolt. Also the last half hour of The Bold and the Beautiful, which I had tuned into during a test at work, right at the moment when the incredibly hot boyfriend walks into his girlfriend's apartment as girlfriend's BFF is in her Victoria Secret bra & panties, about to put on a dress. The BFF is stunning, and aside from the killer body and close-up model face, she's a pretty good actress. So I go online and have Tivo record the rest of it so I can catch the credits at home and look her up.

Felisha Cooper, and it seems this is her first big gig on a soap, and that was her first scene. I think. Further exploration showed she did a Sprint commercial with Beckham. She's the Sprint rep at the end:

Dinner was three fried eggs over Swiss cheese over a dozen little sourdough slices with bologna on the side. Egg nog for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe fire up the laptop for updates.

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