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Seasonal Food Trivia

The last 2 years, for at least a week, maybe more, before NYE, none of the stores had any eggnog on the shelves. Yesterday, when I went to Safeway for some, not only was the regular milk-like objects case fully packed with two rows of half gallons and two rows of quarts of regular and ditto for light, the case where they display the refrigerated sale items had maybe another 100 of each. Packed to the gills.

So I did my part for the economy and bought two half gallons of ethyl.

A few years ago, I bought ground nutmeg in bulk. IMHO eggnog isn't complete without a lot of ground egg nog in and on top. I keep a spice vial of it with a shaker top next to the fridge, but there's about 3/4 of a quart jar in the spice cabinet. It's still mostly full. That stuff goes a long way. There's also an even more full container of cardamom, but that's another story.

Pound for pound, nutmeg is the most powerful hallucinogen in the spice world. Just sayin'.

Today was a normal work day. I had a couple of tests to run against Dolby Digital Plus (DD+) audio. I didn't see a reliable DD+ stream on our IP test network, so I created a 5-minute clip from an SDI (satellite) feed. Had to put that on our video stream server, and then pipe it out onto the network. That took most of the morning.

Lunchtime I stayed in, I had brought spanikopitas, lox, a sliced apple, blueberries, string cheese and some mint chocolate frosted cookies. A balanced meal. And I had a diet Coke. Set up in the break room, on the other side from where an Engineers' pool game was ongoing. The reason for the distance is the way they play, everyone helps engineer each shot, and there is no possibility of conversing about anything else. They also play doubles in an odd way - as a shield against pool sharks, when a ball is sunk, instead of the same person playing the next ball, his teammate does. It prevents anyone from running the table. Everyone gets plenty of chances to shoot. But I don't like it.

And I wanted to read. I set up my Nexus tablet, opened the Kindle app, and took up where I had left off last night in John Wyndham's classic 1957 book The Midwich Cuckoos. Blame social media. I had never heard of it, but a horror film fan friend posted on FB something about Village of the Damned remakes, and how they are a remake of this story. I had heard of John Wyndham, but didn't know why, and one search led to another...

It's a very well written book, moves right along, and the being British part hardly gets in the way at all.

After lunch was boss' boss' team meeting, which was mostly boring to me, being a run-down on how well our group's various products have been selling lately, and who the actual potential customers are, and how much the sales people expect to earn from them. At the end he switched to some stats on our testing, which was slightly more interesting but still boring because I already knew those.

Thankfully it was a short meeting.

Finally tests were ready to run, and those hit a full stop when it became apparent that the feature I was supposed to be testing did not exist in the product. It was written before we had product specs, based on extrapolating from specs for a somewhat different device.

Home, took a scenic route which passed by Coco's, where Monday night we had our basfa meeting. On the group's message board there was a rumor that it had closed. You would think the staff would have mentioned this. Before I made my drive-by the VP had confirmed it was closed, and yup, the parking lot was empty at dinner time, though the logo sign was lit, and it looked like most of the lights were on. Just when I needed to stop to see better, the traffic light went green and I had to drive on.  As was pointed out on the board, their web site now only shows one branch, in Cupertino. The same company owns Carrows, and the one branch of that went away about a year ago. They also own Home Town Buffet, which would be much more of a public service to close.

Watched PTI before tuning to the recording-in-progress football game, to hear their prediction. They almost got it right. The Rams, in yellow PJs, were trouncing the Bucks, in red PJs. Then something happened and Winston, the Tampa Bay QB, started throwing passes where there were actual receivers, and receivers were mostly catching them.

They didn't make enough of a comeback to win, but it was almost worth watching.

While I was doing that, I was also troubleshooting the Tivo Bolt's 4K upscaling. They have a serious bug which I thought I'd found a work-around for, but on further testing it seems the work-around was to turn off upscaling. So after I write this I'll go online and reopen the support case.

In other news, sadly, the really spiffy apple peeler I've been using for the last couple of years broke the spring which keeps the blade the right distance from the apple, so I had to peel it by hand. Ordered a replacement peeler, glad to see they still make this one. Because the other models are from Danté.

Dinner was 4 baked pork buns and a bowl of mixed veggies. Chocolate macadamias and eggnog for dessert

Looked online for possible casino resorts in which to spend Jesus' faux birthday, but they all are either in places where it snows, or in SoCal which would require a plane ride. I haven't ruled out the SJC-LAX-SAN-LAX-SJC loop on the train.

Delivered was a patriotic 12-month wall calendar from a neighbor on the other side of the park who works for the realtor who sold me my home. Also a box from Amazon with kitty treats, sugar free caramels and payday candy bars.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe take the laptop to a coffee shop and see if it needs any updates while I view the eye candy.

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