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Mister Eclectic

Friday, Friday, don't trust that day

Once again, a minimum of leak taking overnight, the alarm woke me up about 10 minutes after it came on. I have it launch the local PBS station, and what always makes me think rude thoughts and wake up to turn it off is the traffic report. WTF is public radio doing giving traffic reports? Their coverage area is so large there is no chance they can do an adequate job, and maybe one time in 100 I'll hear a street name within 50 miles of me.

So I change it to the sports station, which usually has some interesting interviews between 7:30 and 9 am. This morning it was Jerry Rice followed by one of the SF Giants' pet broadcasters and former star. And I think maybe also Luke Walton, who is the Warriors' acting coach. Walton is every bit as qualified as the non-thespian coach, and we were reminded that his dad was also something special. Hall of famer. Both men have two NBA championship rings as players. They talked about Klay Thompson's dad, also a 2-ringer and Klay's brother who uses smaller balls, and just signed with the hated Dodgers. That had to hurt.

For a change I was online by 8:30, but still didn't manage to get to work before 9.

Part of that was I was expecting nasty weather, so packed things to make up a lunch to eat in.

Work was interesting. They announced there would not be a new build today, so I did some ad hoc testing until the fire alarm went off. We were called back in almost as soon as we got outside. I'm blaming the too-many lighted holiday decorations.

Found a bug, pretty minor one, and also was able to show the Boss that a feature which is not supposed to be in the product until the next build was in there, and working fine. Well, almost fine. It needs a little tweak to the GUI to be fine, but it's functional. So I'll have all the tests for that feature assigned to me by Monday. I wrote most of them...

Lunchtime was spent in the break room. Half a can of baked beans, half a dozen dolmathes. Have to remember not to buy them from Costco anymore. Vegetarian, and need to be eaten cold because the filling melts in the microwave.  Payday bar and rice pudding for dessert. The hard boiled egg I brought turned out to be not so hard boiled. :-(

We did get a build after all, I installed it and re-created all the feeds again.

Wrote my weekly report, and wrapped up the day by booking my December 24-27 trip. Decided to go somewhere new, and while not a beach, the hotel has a pool. And my room has a pool view. It was tricky, but found a combination of buses and trains on Amtrak to get to Palm Springs. Actually it won't be much warmer than here, colder at night. I may try to book a trip to Joshua Tree after I get down there. Or rent a car for a day.

Home, Spook has learned how to command me to brush her. She rolls around next to the brush on the floor.

First order of business was to re-boil 2 dozen eggs. 12 at a time. I think they are okay now.

Watched PTI and two episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful - my heart throb has been brought into the picture to seduce her BFF's fiancé, who is all primed because his woman is being a surrogate for her sister. BFF's fiancé is super hot, but he is not much of an actor. She's having to do all the heavy lifting in their scenes.

Also watched The Magicians. Commercial-free preview or pilot or something. Hogwarts meets Narnia meets X-Men. Horrible acting. Messy scriptwriting. Boring sets. Lame special defects. But there's gratuitous sex, so I'll keep it on my schedule.

Dinner was a few slices of turkey bologna, a croissant sliced open and goat brie melted into it, and ginger ale.

I keep a document on my PC, laptop and phone which I update from time to time with my travel plans. I took about an hour to plug in the details of my next two trips. And also copied the pdf files from Amtrak to the phone, the Qcodes are as good as a printed ticket. I insert the logos of the carrier(s) and hotels as place markers.
Plans for tomorrow:
Sit on the porch in my Sharks jacket and watch the rain
Maybe hang out at the local Peets. Stay unless the wifi is hosed as it often is.
Maybe watch a college bowl game. Utah/BYU might be fun.

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