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Setting the bar low

This is my "lull in the action" weekend. I have nothing planned. No trips, no nothing.

So this morning I went to bed at 2, out of bed at 11:30. Checked the Kaiser app and saw my insulin is ready for pickup.

Made it there at about 2:30 and was blown away by how long the lines were. Took a potty break first, because it was clear that there not nearly enough clerks to handle the crowd. When I returned, there were 10 more in line. :-(

It took 20 minutes to get to the front of the line. And another 20 for them to find my mis-filed prescription. The paperwork was supposed to be in the bin corresponding to my last initial. It was finally found in "U". The insulin was supposed to be in the fridge. It was found in a bin on the counter which is reserved for new prescriptions which need the patient to see a consulting pharmacist. Yes, the package did incorrectly say "CONSULT" but it also said "REFRIDGE".

There isn't much harm done, insulin can survive for a month at room temperature. But this is high potency insulin which probably breaks down quicker, and it is 3 months' worth.

A FB friend says Kaiser has been sending his insulin by mail wrapped with cold pack. The last time I asked them to mail it, the order was rejected, but that was a few years ago. I should try again next time.

The predicted rain didn't happen. This morning there was such a small trace that the crown of our street was dry. For those of you who tuned in late, the park is in a flood zone, so we have deep culverts along the edges of the streets, and the streets are higher in the center than at the edges. Crowned, they call it.

Went from there to my favorite Starbucks. It has a quiet room with no music piped in. I started out there, but the view of eye candy was severely impaired by the wall and thick wooden frame on the doors (it used to be a bank vault). So I moved to the mail room, much better view, and noticed two major changes from previous years:

1. No Christmas Tree
2. No Jesus songs

There were some secular winter songs but mostly they were playing pop.

Yes, Virginia, there is a war on Christmas. :-)

Bottom line is my December boycott of *$$ is hereby rescinded. Yay diversity.

The wi-fi sucked there, though, so after I finished my mocha I slogged down the El Camino to my favorite new massage parlor. Got someone who has good hands, but no training. Which I much prefer to someone with training who will hurt me. Pressure points.

Home, Spook yelled at me to brush her, so I did. But she doesn't know what she wants. Domino used to run into the brush head-first, back up and run into it over and over again. Pumpkin list laid there while I brushed all of him until he got tired of it, and bit my hand. Spook likes to be brushed behind her ears, but she keeps backing up when I position the brush to do that. She also likes her back brushed, but lets me know by rolling over on her back.

Watched the end of one college bowl game, and then played the Tivo of the Utah-BYU game. BYU would have won, except they gave up 5 turnovers in the first 7 minutes, all of them for TDs. I don't think they scored for the rest of the game. BYU made a slow but steady comeback, and probably would have won if there were 5 quarters. But maybe not, because the game ended on their being intercepted.

Talked to youngest sister. She wanted to know my travel dates, and I didn't want to post them on FB.

She liked my calendar, especially the cover girl.

FFed through the Jets-Dallas game. Saturday NFL game was a surprise. Dallas lost. Jets almost lost.

Dinner was a Marie Calendar frozen one, heavy on the red potatoes. Baked up some Pepperidge Farm apple turnovers for dessert.

Fired up the laptop to run some updates. Worked much better with a real network. Also charged the battery. The Dell doesn't hold a charge well. After a week it's down 1/4.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe there will be rain to watch.
There will be football to watch
Coffee with Janice in MV
Lots of boxes to flatten and leave out for recycling. The garbage trucks don't show up till Monday 10-ish, but everyone puts out their buns Sunday evening. I'll keep the cardboard indoors until I leave for work. If it's raining I'll leave it inside.  

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