Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

There's Something Abouot Hillary

There's a long tradition in Southern US politics of the wife of the Great Man inheriting his political office when something, such as term limits or a jail term, prevents him from retaining his job. In most of these cases, the wife is a puppet of her husband.

Hilary, as an attorney, is more qualified than most of them to inherit her husband's position. Having said that:

She was elected to the Senate under false pretenses. After being registered to vote in Arkansas for at least 16 years, she suddenly finds an address in New York, and shortly after that she runs for that state's Senate seat. NY is famous for voting for familiar names, regardless of whether the person is an actual New Yorker. Robert Kennedy was often referred to the third Senator from Massachussetts, and his voting record backed that up. My father lost a job as a result, in part, of Kennedy not voting to keep certain aerospace contracts in NY.

When Hillary tried to inherit the presidency that way, the Chicago Democratic Machine, which had recently put an unknown, inexperienced Hawaaian into the Illinois senate and snuck him in as national convention keynote speaker, decided they wanted their tool in the oval office and promoted the Hawaain to the top of the list. Hillary had the votes to win that nomination, had she chosen to fight for a block of disputed delegates, but instead she made a backroom deal.

I would bet real cash dollars that she thought she was getting the VP nod, which woud have made her a shoo-in for 2016, but instead she was handed Secretary of State, the very best position to give someone you don't want to be a contender the next time around. Okay, the second best. Supreme Court Justice wouold have been the best.

I won't be voting for her. I would rather have a woman on the ballot who has earned her position outright. Since that does not seem to be in the cards, I'll take the man who has. Bernie has put his life on the line for civil rights, his record on women's rights is every bit as solid as Hillary's - maybe more. His position on gay rights is far better and longer.

My only regret voting for Bernie will be that if elected, that's one less Dmocrat in a Senate which needs all it can get. Maybe Hillary can move to Vermont and inherit his seat.

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