Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Setting the bar even lower

Only thing on my plate today was to get all the sleep I needed and get to Starbucks early enough to fire up the laptop and fix a tiny copying error I made on my phone. And meet Janice for coffee.

Spook tried to wake me up at 9. Jumped onto the bed and meowed at me. As usual, she jumped right off again. She did the same thing at 11. 11:30 I finally got up and showered and watch some football on the bedroom TV as I got dressed.

My Hgl was good & low - 118 - had brunch - a banana, a couple of hard boiled eggs which had popped open on the 2nd cooking but were done perfectly other than the birth defects.

Surprise delivery of a replacement apple peeler. More surprised it included a corer in addition to the expected sectioner.

Flattened all the boxes from the last 2 weeks, and bundled them.  With all the 4K stuff, it was quite a pile.

Watched enough of the 49ers game to know they were going to lose badly. Watched enough of the Raiders game to know it would be better to watch on TiVo later.

Got delayed trying to watch 4K trailers on Amazon Fire, until I remembered it needs the new device. So I ordered one.

Closed my non-payment case on eBay so I could re-list. Need to contact eBay to refund the $50 they charged for the sale, and change the feedback to negative, because their phone app automatically makes all feedback positive.

Got to Starbucks more than an hour early, but had to wait 10 minutes for a place to sit. Cold, blustery day, so sitting outside was not an option, which means not enough seating inside.

Man at the next table liked my Hawaiian shirt, asked where I got it. I looked up the URL for him. Later he came over and asked if I was a techie, I told him yes, and what tech I did, but what he was looking for was a programmer to help him develop an app to help addicts stay in touch with their support network. Enter Janice, who has an MSW and a long time in AA. From his flushed face, it seemed clear to me he was not off the juice just yet. I may be mistaken. He was sober, but that might only be temporary. Anyhow, he chatted with us at length, Janice finally gave him her card, and sent him back to his table.

The app he has in mind sounded like a good idea, so I'm sure already exists.

Caught up with Janice. My Palm Springs trip was a surprise to her. She has the next two weekends booked as well.

Home, someone, probably a relative of Mary Next Door, parked a huge compensation for his miniscule dick in front of my house, where I was about to put the garbage bins. So I watched the Raiders lose, and the Eagles get trounced, defrosted the last quartet of stuffed cabbage and reheated a pair of them, also heated up the last garlic bread loaf.

Egg nog for dessert, though it may need to be supplemented with some chocolate.

Came to a lull in the action, so I attacked a To Do item from about 6 months ago. Moved all the furniture off of the big livingroom carpet, pulled the carpet further into the room, away from the walls. Vacuumed it. Between vacuuming and walking on it, got rid of most of the lumps which I've been tripping on. Moved everything back into place. Spook offered vocal encouragement, and tried to fight the surround speaker wires when I moved them under the runner rug.

Looked on the weather map, and discovered, much to my surprise, it was raining here.

Took the garbage outside, and wheeled the bin to the curb (monster truck was gone) and yes, there had been a trace of rain, but it was only windy & overcast. Took out the recycling too, and then after 29 nanoseconds of careful consideration, hauled the bundle of cardboard out to the curb too. I'm betting it doesn't rain enough to soak it or blow enough to transport it elsewhere.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe BASFA in its emergency temporary location of Round Table Pizza, next door to Coco's which has been our home for a few years until is was suddenly shut Wednesday. I will bring calendars for johnnyeponymous and maurinestarkey (assuming she has not received hers in the mail. She has not answered my email).


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