Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quickly because it's an early bed time tonight

Got to work half an hour early. Blame KNBR and KLIV for their interminable traffic reports.

Lots of setting up involved in the tests I'm running. Kept losing at solitaire & mahjong. Those are my go-to time wasters while waiting for the machines to reboot. Found a bug which required a reboot between every step of one test.

Lunchtime I drove to the Amtrak station, and it was more of a zoo than I thought it would be. Not only out of parking spaces, but all the handicapped spaces were illegally parked in, as well as some fire zones.

Home, I'd already taken the rolling bag out of the shed before leaving for work - wanted the sunlight. Packed clothes in it, will add toiletries in the morning. Got the dinosaur bag out of the closet, packed the laptop & minimal accessories, and two lenses & spare camera batteries. Put the body cap on the Nikon, it will be added in the morning after the GPS unit charges. Meds and associated paraphernalia will also be added in the morning.

Decided to walk the 15 minutes to the neighborhood light rail station instead of risking leaving my car in an unattended lot. Have to leave home at the same time either way.

Returning may be dicey - the last light rail trip of the night Sunday is only 20 minutes after the bus is due to drop me off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Walk to light rail
Light rail to Amrtrak
Amtrak bus to Stockton
Train to Bakersfield
Bus to Palm Springs
Hotel by 10 pm, I hope.

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