Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long Haul

Sleepless night. went to bed at 10, read till 11, Spook even curled up close enough to pet. 2 am finally gave up, had some egg nog, watched some TV. Don't like the new one, it's slow coping with resolution changes.

Finally got to sleep around 4, alarms went off at 6 but I was ready for them.

Was ready to leave by 6:40, tried to be patient - didn't need to walk to Lt. rail till 7:30, but left at 7. As soon as I was a few steps down the  block it started raining hard & steady. I was soaked by the time I saw the train a block ahead pulling out of the station. Had to wait 15 minutes for the next one.

Lt. Rail to SJ is a slow slog. But I got there an hour early. The bus was there but not boarding. Half an hour before launch time they boarded, and I'm glad I was early because the bus filled up eventually. I got a window seat.

It rained all the way to Stockton. We made stops in several strange places, picked up a few more passengers. It was so gray and misty there was no use taking pictures.

Stockton train was half an hour late. About the time it was due, a huge freight train pull in, the three engines continues about half a mile, but the rest of the train took up all the track way back to the other intersection.

Somehow it didn't get in the way of boarding.

But this train had originated in EMY, and was already pretty full. Found a seat facing backward, that's all that were left except for ones with tables, which I don't fit in.

After a couple of stops I went to the cafe car, but the line was out the door and not moving. Back to my seat 4 cars away.

A few more stops and I was able to snag a forward facing seat, and tried the snack bar again. Line was less long, and moving faster because people were ordering fewer items.

Got to Bakersfield almost on time, not a problem because the bus driver waits for the train. Bus ride to Palm Springs was mostly dry, but you could see it had rained, and the almost full moon was breaking through the clouds. It was a long haul, again because it was a milk run with stops way out of the way for a Palm Springs final destination.

Got here at about 10, only a little late, Hard Rock hotel is one block from the bus stop, so that was easy.

I have a pool view room, but the pool itself is on the other end of the pool area. I chose a 3rd floor room because I didn't want the in your face/in your room of the 1st floor. 2nd was all booked.

Nice room, but not lit well at all. Tried the TV, but on Xmas eve you would think all 999 stations are run by devout Xtians.

So here I am online.

Went to Best Buy's page, found a better TV, and wrote a note to customer service to see if we can do an exchange. It was delivered, and the box and wrapping taken away, and my old TV hauled away. I asked if they could deliver the new one and take back the current one. we'll see. They have an extended return date of mid-January, so it ought to be do-able.

On the train I checked eBay, thinking I would need to re-open the non paying bidder claim, but it said they had issued me a credit.

It's cold out and I doubt anything is open within walking distance. I'll go to bed, and explore tomorrow.

Last night's reading, I finished The Midwich Coo-coos, and was pleased with the ending, and the way it was written - no TMI. Just enough info to let you know what happened, and why.

I may look for another one of his books, but the rest seem to be more horror, which is not a genre I enjoy.

Spellcheck is not working on this editor, so you take what you can get.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get the camera out and walk around. There's an interesting statue nearby, a Thai restaurant on the corner, and there is snow on the mountains.
Get together with the concierge and book something to do for Saturday.
- Desert Zoo
-Joshua Tree Park
- Tram
Maybe see Star Wars: The Profits Return. Many 3D showings a few blocks away. Not interested in IMAX. Makes me dizzy.
Eat. I only had 3 Payday bars, a few handfuls of mixed nuts and the snack on the train.
Review my return route. Try to get back to SJ earlier.



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