Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It Gets Dark Early

Palm Springs is in the desert, so I expect it to get cold at night, but by 5 pm it is pitch dark, and in the 40s, which is ridiculous.

Last night was horrible. Remembering that I had not eaten much all day, I only shot up 100 of the 150 units of baseline insulin at bedtime. Woke up freezing at 2 am, turned on the thermostat, but even set to 76 it was blowing cold air. Turned it back off.

Could not get to sleep again, at about 4 took a blood sugar reading, it was 57. Yikes. I put my teeth back in, chomped three glucose tablets, and got the bag of honey roasted peanuts with walnuts out of my bag and chomped on those. There is room service, but there is nothing in the info here saying it is 24/7, and I doubted it was. Besides, nothing on the menu says sugar.

And there are no candy machines. The gift shop is closed - they have candy.

So about 8 am I was finally able to get some sleep. Despite the sunrise hitting the view windows. The blackout curtains are great except they don't overlap.

Forced myself out of bed around 10:30, went hunting for breakfast, and a lot of places in town were open, but they are all kind of small, and only had outdoor seating available. Even with the gas heaters it was still cold. Finally went to the casino, had the buffet. After I left I looked at my receipt and saw they had charged me for 2 people. :-(

It is an impressive buffet. Snow crab legs, Asian, American, Mexican and some other kinds of food. Excellent prime rib. Lots of desserts. Somehow I could not get through the whole slab of prime, and skipped to desserts. Hgl was still low, probably a survival instinct. :-)

On the hotel room balcony, great view of the pool, but nothing to see. Music was being played, too much of it was holiday crap. At one point a middle eastern looking man and his three children arrive, intending to swim. They test the water in the pool and move to the hot tub.

So no swimming for me. Unheated pool is useless, especially when it isn't warm outside.

Took my camera for a walk, and as I was taking a picture of a business with a logo which looks exactly like a theater friend of mine, someone sitting in the outside section of the bar behind me started hitting on me. Big guy, Gay bar. His friends teased him mercilessly when I ignored him and walked out of sight around the corner.

 Went back to the room and got my coat, left the camera. Took the free Buz around the town. An hour sort of a loop, with a lot of weird turns and had I not been sitting in the front seat I'd have seen nothing - the wrap around the bus puts a screen on all the side windows. Even with the windshield view, it was hard to see much. Mostly used by locals - the driver asks where you're heading when you get on, the answer is always the name of a business, and he tries to put you at the nearest stop.

By now it was too soon for dinner. According to my notes, The Movie was playing a few blocks away. I walked the five blocks, it was very cold and windy and dark, and it turns out they were not playing The Movie, my notes had the right brand name, but for a town 20 miles away. Walked back to the hotel.

Put my coat and hat in the room, grabbed my tablet and went downstairs to have dinner.

Service was slow but not glacial, prices were high, as expected, choices were meager, as expected (special Jess' Alleged Birthday menu). I ordered the lobster pot pie and resumed reading a Harry Harrison novella from his Megapack. After maybe 20 minutes, my very new waiter comes and apologizes for the wait, and says 5 minutes. And in 5 minutes, or close enough, there it is.

Served in a metal box with handles. The delicious pastry top is draped over the box. Inside the box is soup. In the soup are two small claw pieces, and maybe two little chunks of lobster, and a variety of undercooked diced veggies, mostly roots. Bland. Dessert made up for it, though I had to specifically ask new waiter for the dessert menu.

Glazed donut bread pudding with 3-rum caramel sauce.

Much better than it sounds. They used glazed donut as the bread, otherwise prepared it the same as any other bread pudding. Baked in a circular form and plopped into a bowl with the sauce in the bottom. Kind of thin sauce, no trace of rum anymore, but delicious.

Thought about hanging out in the large lounge area, but the eye candy factor just wasn't there, so here I am up in my room writing.

Plans for tomorrow may be derailed if it rains.

- The tram is out. First snow of the year, there's a 4-mile backup on the road up
- Talk to the concierge about booking something to the zoo or Joshua Tree.
-Take the Buz to the busy part of town and shoot some pix
- Watch football
- Maybe try Thai Smile next door, assuming the crunch will be over.

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