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The Weekend Review

Changes in the weather and Amtrak combined to make the weekend "meh". A big reason I take any surface trip is to see new sights. The lousy weather most of the way from Sunnyvale to Palm Springs and early sunset meant I saw practically nothing, and never took out the camera on the trip up.

It was below 60° all weekend, so the pool view room was mostly a waste. Nothing to view poolside. However the spectacular San Andreas mountains were also in the view, and that made up a little bit. I am a big fan of plate tectonics.

The cold weather also meant most of the desert critters at the zoo would be hibernating, and the recent snow made the trip to the tram not worth the wait in traffic. Joshua Tree might have been a go, but again, not a fan of the cold for taking pix. And it was a long trip which I was not feeling up to.

As for Palm Springs, there isn't much there there, and eye candy was sparse with everyone bundled up. I did get one bonus look - a young woman in a T-shirt and thin yoga pants came running up to the bus I just got off of, but then she bolted back to the dance class, or maybe it was aerobics.

Over the course of the weekend there were two women in the hot tub worth staring at, but my room's view was blocked by a palm tree.

The Saturday pool party did not happen. And the night club was closed for the weekend.

There were some good photos taken, shot a hummingbird slurping form a trumpet flower. And the mountains.

Amtrak was late both trips. So late returning that I missed the last light rail train (I had half expected this) so a $30 taxi ride got me home. On the 6-hour bus ride from Santa Barbara to San Jose, three young children were having a screaming contest most of the way. Literally. Trying to out-scream each other, and giggling after each scream it was so much fun for them. I was hoping the driver would talk to them, but he waited till Salinas, the last stop before SJ, and merely hinted about it. Mom made some effort, but that only lasted 15 minutes.

I usually bring along earbuds, but decided not to this time. What was I thinking?

Hard Rock Hotel was a good news/bad news thing. The good news is it's a beautiful piece of architecture, and as much a museum as a hotel. Millions of dollars worth of signed guitars, drums, motorcycles, lyrics, even some contracts from well-known (Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis) and not so well known (Flaming Lips, and I forget). A native American style shirt Jimi Hendrix wore in concert. Sadly, when I found this in the lounge, they were playing The Little Drummer Boy. And that brings us to the bad news. A barrage of Christmas music. Minimal housekeeping (they never left more shampoo/conditioner/body gel, sheets were not changed). No concierge. Pool closes at 8 pm, even in the summer.

If I try Palm Springs again, I'll fly. And stay somewhere with an indoor pool. And wait till it warms up.

I've uploaded the photos to the PC, and checked that they all have geotags. Will massage them and post later in the week.
Plans for tomorrow:
MNF - I think it's the last one
 (BASFA doesn't fit into the pizza place, and the layout of the room sucks)


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