Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Back to work - for a bit

Up just before 7:30, the lights came on but I'd forgotten to turn my alarm back on. Very little online activity, so was at work half an hour early.

Which is good because when I rebooted my test machine, it nuked its database. That took some time to troubleshoot.

Team meeting was better attended than expected. One of the leads returned from vacation a week sooner than I thought he would, and only two of the team were taking the whole week off.

After my epic 4-day travel adventure, I decided to shorten the upcoming winter trip. Called Amtrak and got one of the last 2 seats for Saturday, but my hotel reservation is non-refundable, and not changeable, but for NYE weekend in Reno, it's a steal, considering most of the hotels are completely booked for NYE and charging >$200 for the next 2 nights. Ramada works out to only $86 a night, for the 2 nights.

Checked online, and it looks like the main party will be at the arch, which is pretty close to the Amtrak station. Fireworks at midnight. $40 for a party pass for Silver Legacy + El Dorado.

But I'm really making the trip for the winter wonderland views along the train tracks. Which is why I decided to come back early.

Maybe Friday I'll see The Movie.

It was cold out, 40's, and it had rained a trace yesterday and today. Lunchtime I spent researching Reno, changing reservations, being told by an inarticulate phone rep that my hotel reservation cancellation had a 100% penalty, and it couldn't be changed.

I had snacks. An apple (the new peeler works fine), payday bar, chocolate fudge cookies, walnuts, peanuts. At about 3 I did a chicken flavor cup o noodles.

Got some work done, closed a couple of bugs. Need help with one of the test cases, will ask again tomorrow.

Home, watched MNF on FF/play/FF with the center speaker at -12dB so that annoying Gruden fellow's squeaky voice didn't distract me too much from the game. I put it in play for each play, and FF1 for the crap between plays and FF2 for commercials. FF3 for the halftime merde. Paused before 3rd quarter and did a meme:

Which so far only a couple of people have "gotten"

Once again referee blunders changed the outcome of the game. :-(

Spook was very vocal tonight. Especially when I picked her pet monkey off the floor and put it on the top tier of the office cat tree. She doesn't think she can climb that high, so she nearly falls off trying to snag it with her claws.

Last night she curled up near me in bed and stuck around for 2 hours.  While I was gone she knocked over her food tower and her livingroom toy. I tossed the food, she obviously doesn't like it, and replaced it with Royal Canin.

Dinner was stuffed cabbage & creamed corn. I tried to maker a dessert out of the bag of crushed mini donuts and banana, plus coconut rum, crushed pistachios, chocolate syrup and sprinkles, but it was awful. Disposal time.

Plans for tomorrow:

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