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Toos Dae

Once again went all obsessive into the wee hours in bed watching videos on the tablet. Spook curled up just out of reach but only stayed a few minutes. Looks like she slept on the futon in the guest room.

Anyhow, woke up with the alarm, but turned it off and slept for another hour, because I had an excuse. Needed to drop off the rent check, and the office isn't open till 9.

Got to work about 9:45.

Spent a lot of time looking for WSS and Closed Captioning vids on our SDI source, but we don't have any. Asked Automation Guy to help me put some up, but he punted me to Ad Insertion Guy, who misunderstood and showed me how to record from an SDI source. I need to go from a file or a UDP feed to SDI. Asked Automation Guy again, and he punted me to IT Guy, who is taking the week off.

Which means tomorrow I will have to find something else to do. Like work on bugs.

Speaking of which, there was much email today showing engineers are working to fix a few bugs I filed.

Lunchtime, got a haircut. Great Clips changed their app to require a full registration, based on your email, with name, address, phone. Old app just needed your phone number. Walked in, all they needed was my phone number. So I'll nuke the app and just be a walk-in. Very cute young woman did the honors. Asian, but no accent.

There's nowhere in that shopping center worth eating at, so I went down the block to a Pho place. It was cold out, soup worked. Beef, though. Thai iced tea, which they put pearls into :-( because I misunderstood what she was asking.

Home, watched the Dr. Who Xmas Special, which was thankfully not at all Xmas themed. There was some snow, and someone wore red, but that was the extent of it. What I said on FB:
Two things stood out for me: The photography/lighting was superb, especially for the close-ups. And the writing: there was some actual humor, clever quips, and an often-coherent story line. I am not a Dr. Who fanatic, totally gave up on it for the duration of Matt Smith's sallow face turning my TV screen all boring, and I have maybe seen 25% of the original (pre-Wales) episodes, but as far as I can remember, I have never seen River Song before, so a lot of the impact was lost on me.
Alex Kingston has some serious acting chops, and even more serious over-acting chops.
Once again Peter Capaldi is fed massive chunks of scenery, which he chews and spits out. I like him better when he is quietly fierce, rather than when he's at 12dB.
River gets IMHO the best line in the episode:
"You don't expect a sunset to admire you back".
And also first runner up: "I'll kill the lights, you kill the patient."

Followed that with the Raiders-Chargers game, which was low-scoring so I mostly watched it in FF1. FF2 for commercials. FF3 for halftime boredom. They touched on the fact that Real Soon Now, both teams will be sharing a stadium near LA. Oakland missed the NFL deadline to justify their existence, and St. Louis (the other contender to move to LA) beat that deadline by 1 day.

It was Charles Woodson's last home game, and he helped win it. They gave him the mike after the win, and he did some cheerleading, and made a short/sweet farewell speech. Hugs from members of both teams.

Dinner was stuffed grape leaves, the other half of the creamed corn, and dessert was apple slices & honey.

Plans for tomorrow:
1-on-1 (if Boss doesn't leave early)
Set the alarm for 6 am Thursday (need to catch a 9 am train 45 minutes away)


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