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Note to self : 6 am is not a valid wake-up time

Horrible night, went to bed at 9 to be able to wake up at 6, but instead woke up every half hour. And three times between 5:30 and 6. Part of the blame was the incomplete blackout curtain, but more than that the archaic heater which was very loud and inconsistent.

Once up and ready to go, I was an hour early. Didn't need to be at Amtrak till 7:30 to make their stupid 45-minutes-before checked bag rule. Got the shuttle at 7, we were called back, but when we got back it turned out to be for a party of 6 with a wheelchair with a 7:45 reservation. So I had a solo ride.

Checked my bag, went downstairs to wait. As of 7 am, the Amtrak app had the train on time for 8:30. At 7:45 it was 15 minutes late, and every 15 minutes it got 15 minutes later. None of this was communicated to us by the staff, one women was able to get a cell signal and called in. I had no cell signal, the Reno station has no wifi. Finally at a little after 8:30 someone came downstairs to announce the train was expected at 10:45. And then 10:25.

A good 15 minutes before the train arrived, the staff encouraged everyone to wait outside on the platform where it was about 9°. Not me. And of course there were a lot of passengers getting off, and bags coming off and on.

I was not quite the last one on board, but close. I lucked out and got a window on the side I wanted, purely by chance.

Took lots of photos, until it clouded over too much and got too dark. That was about 2:30. Colfax.

Also lucky that the three other people in the row, an adult daughter and her parents, spent most of the trip in the café car. And I brought enough diet Coke and snacks.

Got a little bit of sleep after that. We arrived in EMY around 5:30, an hour and 20 minutes late. The conductors told us baggage would be available inside the station, but inside the station the baggage section was boarded up, and someone was screaming on the loudspeaker that bags could be collected outside the station on the opposite side.

Eventually three carts loaded with bags piled randomly on top of each other was driven to the spot by a single short stocky woman who shouted at us to keep our hands off the bags, she would unload each cart and call out claim numbers. That lasted about 15 minutes until it was clear that some people had 6 bags hidden across all three carts, and some of us could point to a bag right in front. I did so, she still gave me a hard time about it and was displeased when my claim check matched the bag.

Then to the garage which the signs in the station and outside the garage said was $5/day parking. But no, at the exit I was sent back to park the car, go back to the station and get a parking permit. Garage attendant would not accept my train ticket as proof. That was a 2-block walk, and I had to read the notice out loud to the clerk before she would admit that it said nothing about needing a permit. To be fair, when they ran their own parking, you needed to get a permit before parking.

Punched home into the GPS, and it led me to Powell Street, the biggest clusterfork freeway onramp on the planet. I had to maneuver across 8 lanes of barely moving traffic to get to my lane.

And then the GPS wanted me to get into a lane which was two to the right, but there was no way, so I drove 50 miles to get 33 miles.

Home, headache, exhausted, hot because I should have taken off my Seahawks stadium jacket before getting in the car. Took aspirin, unpacked, had a shower, made dinner, watched Tivo of the Rose Bowl. Stanford got lucky early, lucky enough that Iowa's late surge was not a real threat.

What surprised me most is they showed most of the halftime show. Iowa's band is huge, and had pretty uniforms, but they don't sound as large as they are, and the formations were point-and-move. Not quite a scramble, but nowhere near the marching in squads UW did when I was in the band. Stanford's band is a joke, always has been, which is a shame because there are a lot of fine musicians on campus. Just not in the band. They don't even pretend to march. I have no idea why there was a pair of (or 3) people in a cow outfit.

Checked online to see if BestBuy had responded to my 2 weeks ago email. Nope. And now the web site says call them. Better to go there.

Uploaded my photos to the PC. They will need work before I put them on Flickr. Still have to work on the Palm Springs pix.

Built a meme:

Built a meme:

Plans for tomorrow:
Best Buy
Petco - need a BB-8 toy for Spook. Not the motorized one, just a mouse-sized toy.
Watch football
Maybe meet Janice for coffee. If I do, will drop off a calendar for johnnyeponymous


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