Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

This Week in Poop

Started the morning taking a dump, which clogged the toilet, and it was only made worse by using the snake and plunger. This has become a regular occurrence with the master bedroom toilet, which was installed when I had the shower remodeled. The guest bath toilet doesn't have this problem, so I'm pretty sure it has to do with the toilet or how it was installed. Rather than call Roto Rooter again, and pay through the nose, I've checked out plumbers on Yelp, have two candidates. The plan is to tackle three items:
-Toilet - replace if necessary
- Master bathroom sink faucet is very low pressure, guest bath sink is fine
- Fridge has an ice maker,m but no water line to enable it

Was slow getting out of the house, got to BestBuy at about noon. It took four customer service reps and about 15 minutes before someone "got it" that it was in their best interests to collect the Westinghouse TV at the same time as they delivered the Samsung. And another 15 minutes for a very patient rep named Trini to get on the phone with online orders support and find out what steps need to be punched into the terminal to make it happen. Bottom line is Tuesday I'll get the Samsung and they will collect the Westinghouse. I only had to pay the difference in price (on delivered items, returns are free and part of the sale price on the Samsung is free delivery).

A couple of blocks away, a pretty redhead helped me find the cleverly hidden Star Wars cat toys. 50% off the second one with my Petco card. Also bought a spare brown mouse. I got a BB-8 colored mouse, which Spook has been playing with ever since I gave it to her. Also on that card is a Kylo Ren mouse. The other card has a Yoda mouse and a slightly oversized furry thing which probably is supposed to be Chewy but could also be an Ewok. Also bought a cat stand to replace the one in the piano room which Spook ignores. This one has a large carpeted tube halfway up, Spook has shown she likes being inside tubes like that. 
Home, messaged Janice that I was free to meet for coffee later, but it was already after 3, and she didn't answer, which meant go anyway but don't expect her to show up.

Had lasagna for lunch, watched some football, set the Tivo to record the 49ers game. It was already recording the Raiders.

Processed the Palm Springs photos, and uploaded them to Flickr. They are here. I especially like this one:

because the man in the logo looks like howbearca, and while I was taking the picture a very large "bear" working on a very large beer on the outdoor terrace of the gay bar behind me was trying to pick me up.

The upload finished just in time to get to the CHM before it closed and drop off a calendar for Chris G. I knew I should have gone potty first, and just barely made it in time to the one in the museum. Dropped off the calendar after I was done.

Drove across the street to Starbucks, bought an iced tea, and played on the tablet a bit, people watched and read solem more Harry Harrison. 5:50, it was clear Janice was a no-show.

Stopped in at the 7-11 next door and bought some generic Pepto-Bismol, and was about to buy some whole wheat bread because my tummy was wanting toast to settle it down, when it dawned on me that Safeway is close by, and has the bread I like, at a muchy lower cost.

So, Safeway, bought Health Nut bread and Columbo extra sour sourdough. Also got some beef pot pies and beef frozen meals. And ground beef. The theory is beef is the best food for tummy issues. Also bought some non-pitted olives because I like them. But they are not good for tummy issues, so I won't eat any very soon.

Home, Spook tried out the tube, seemed to like it. As I was watching a replay of the Jets game, she brought me her BB-8 to play fetch with. She loves that toy.

Took out the garbage, retrieved the very heavy 6-pack of litterbox cartridges which were delivered to the front door. Broke down the last 3 weeks' worth of boxes, taped them into a bundle and brought them outside to stand beside the recycle bin. It was raining slightly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Weekly team meeting
Call plumber(s)
After 6 expect a call with the 4-hour window for the TV exchange

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