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Back To the Day Jobbe

Slept well, woke up 3 minutes before the alarm. The huge ugly toilet backup had mostly retreated into the pipes, and while flushing the toilet washed it all away, it wasn't ready for prime time. Used the guest bathroom one instead. Will continue to do so this week. More on that later.

No problem with the shower, and the sink faucet worked well enough, though it too needs work.

At the office just after 9, a mild drizzle all the way there. I really want to stop hearing "El Niño" from the imbeciles on the TV, especially when they use it to predict 3" of rainfall when anyone with meteorology merit badge can see it's only going to be a trace.

Team meeting was short, the new box has become a lot more stable, but those who have fully loaded ones (lots of video feeds) continue to report the same alarms.

Called my auto insurance, they sent me snailmail asking to go online and confirm my info, but there was no way to change the bogus 13,500 miles per year estimate. The nice lady said this bogus number came from averages reported in my zip code. As if. Half my neighbors don't drive, half of the rest only use the car for shopping and short errands. I did the math, my commute eats up 2500 a year, so say 6,000 is accurate.

Phoned the plumber on the top of my Yelp list, told him the three projects, and made an appointment for Thursday morning window (9-1)

Lunch was at Sizzler, had the salad bar.

Bestbuy delivery robocalled, tomorrow is on for 1:30-3:30. Excellent. Emailed my team that I'd be WFH tomorrow afternoon & Thursday AM.

Worked with IT Guy to get a couple of SDI feeds going. After he pointed out a closed captioning feed, there is either a major bug or the specs are wrong. Have to ask my team leader to check. Still need a WSS stream. That's video with a signal which forces the size of the image to fit the frame. Usually to enforce 16:9 aspect ratio.

Home, it was very lightly drizzling again.

Replacement electric toothbrush was delivered. My old one has been locking up on me. Probably have had it for 10 years.

Watched PTI, and then the last 3 quarters of the final 49ers game. Plus OT. Neither team played well, SF made a lame decision to go into OT when they could have won in regulation with a field goal instead of a punt. Offensive coordinator needs to be fired. I guess they are leaving that job to the next head coach.

I feel sorry for Jim Tomsula. I do not believe for an instant the ugly rumors saying he helped force Harbaugh out and himself in. His track record in coaching is laughable. Most of it at his unknown college in PA, or short stints in the European league. His only head coach job there was one year, 2006, with the Rhine Fire, where he took a 3-7 team to 6-4, but still missed the playoffs. Most of the time he was defensive line coach, a job he did well. It will be interesting to see where he lands, and who will take his place.

One of the test feeds today included Jed York's massive mea culpa speech, in which he invoked his crooked uncle many times, but not by name, just saying "my uncle", and similarly invoked his grandpa. Uncle Eddie dodged jail time by going state's evidence in a case where he tried to bribe Louisiana's governor for a casino license. Talk about going Pete Rose On Steroids. Eddie owned the 49ers at the time, the NFL banned him from football for a year. He sold the team to his sister, Jed's mommy.

What am I forgetting? Oh yeah, the French/Canadian SE set up a 4K satellite feed to a Samsung 4K TV through an Arris 4K STB and it looked really good. I can use it for testing if I need to.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home by 1
Wait for BestBuy to RMA the Westing-hosed TV and replace it with the Samsung.
WFH as much as possible.

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