Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Working From Work

Back into the office today, helped Automation Guy discover the joys of his new dual monitor platform which allows him to either sit or stand. It was working fine when the installer left, but by afternoon he had managed to break it, so now gravity wins, it doesn't lock into place. Me & team lead contributed some tools, but he really needs to call for repair.

Needed to find a video feed with WSS  (Wide Screen Signaling) and IT Guy was under the mistaken impression that every feed had that, so he closed my ticket. I assured him that it was rare, and spent a couple of hours proving to myself that none of our network feeds had it.

Lunchtime I had my nails done big-time. They were getting way too thick, so we soaked my fingers in nail polish remover for about half an hour, and then she Dremeled a layer off, then 5 minutes more to soak, and repeat about 5 times. Then apply a single layer of acrylic and a thin layer of UV-cured top coat. Went across the street and had tempura at Yo Yo Sushi. The staff is as yummy as the food. Was down to my last Yuppie Food Stamp, got a refill from the CU ATM.

Offshore Automation Guy overheard me talking to IT Guy, and said he knew where there was a WSS feed on the SDI switch, which is what I needed. Found it after two tries, and now I am set to run 4 test cases.

Home, almost stopped at Costco, but it would only be for a couple of items so not worth it.

Was woken up at 4 am by heavy rain, maybe also hail, which lasted about half an hour. Looked outside, and the storm drain culverts hardly had any water in them. It sounded like a lot of rain, but NOAA's stats site said only 0.78" from midnight to 8 am. The predicted 5" for Wine Country only pegged at 1.13".

At home, watched PTI, deleted some obsolete scheduled recordings --what happened to The Magicians? One and Done? :-( and Shark Tank.
Plumber texted asking if I still needed them to come out tomorrow, I replied yes. Plumber texted asking if 8 or 8:30 was okay (original window was 9-1) I said 8:30 would work.

Watched too many minutes of American Pickers. One of the stupidest programs on TV, but somehow it always grabs me.

Ran Quicken, once again it could not connect with the CU. It took me 5 minutes to find the download button on the CU site. My rent check does not appear to ave made it to the bank. Usually they deposit it on the 3rd, and it's pending by the 4th. This month the first bank day was the 4th, but it still should have been there tonight.

Dinner was Select frozen Thai coconut chicken dinner. Ding dongs for dessert. And peanuts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plumber at 8:30
Work from home if plumber can get the job done tomorrow. I'm expecting it to require a new toilet, and some under the house work.
And he can look at the fridge's freezer compartment to see if that's really an icemaker, or just the base for one.
Costco (?)

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