Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy busy

Slept well last night, did not even recognize that the NPR news was my clock radio alarm for about 10 minutes. Spook was on the bed a couple of times for about 10 minutes.

Got to work on time, there was lots of work to do because the new build they gave us at EOD Thursday was not ready for testing. I found about 6 bugs in the first hour, all of them showstoppers. Double-checking with the rest of the team one of them was unique, so I filed a bug. The others were already written up.

Took a while to figure out ways to run my tests, but I managed. The good news is at least 3 critical bugs I'd filed were fixed.

Lunchtime was with 4 of the gang at Barn Thai, and once again they ignored my advice to wait till 12:45. We got there at 12:15, waited till 12:45 to be seated. Fridays there are always big groups from the local tech firms, and the place has one long row of tables down the center which can handle maybe 20. Our group of 5 was too big for the booths.

While we were waiting (outside) the owner of the new bar & grill next door (which used to be a sleazy pizza joint) harvested the impatient, giving us all cards for free fries. It looks like they did a great job remodeling, we may try it some time. Looks like it is mostly burgers, but worth a look.

When we got inside my favorite waitress talked to me in Thai, which is one thing which keeps me coming back. The menu also has Thai, so I don't have to figure items out from the long descriptions. Had the beef fried rice, which was good, but could have used more tomato. Two guys got the shrimp pot thai, huge prawns.

We finally got out of there at about 2.

More work at work, and when 5 pm came around, I had a big chore, I owed the Boss 3 weeks' of weekly reports, thanks to the short weeks. Took 20 minutes.

Home by way of Lowe's. Bought a replacement aerator for the bathroom sink. Two, actually - one plain and one swivel. Frankly, for the bathroom I prefer plain. Also bought a small pair of channel locks to remove the current aerator and install the new one.

Home, installed the plain one. Taking out the old one, Plumber's Helper had put the screen in wrong, no wonder...but the new one works better anyway.

Dinner was steamed pork buns and some ha gow. things with chocolate on them for dessert. Because I forgot the mango bits were defrosted in the fridge.

Watched PTI, and then what turned out to be the second to last episode of the Heroes reboot. That was pretty good, wish I'd know about it from the start.

There's an episode of Elementary and one of Shark Tank to be viewed yet.

Processed and uploaded my Reno trip pix.

Donner Lake

Truckee river

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Costco- get a replacement card (mine is cracked a little, and very old)
Watch some football
Janice/coffee in the evening

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