Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shut-In By Choice

There was absolutely nowhere I needed to go today, and since it was a chilly, dreary day I didn't go anywhere.

Slept well. Spook shared the bed two or three times, a surprise when I woke up at 4 am to pee. She left behind the BB-8 mouse toy. The two newly moved webcams are a WIN, they both point to places she parks herself which were out of view previously. 

Waited till about noon to start watching the Colder Bowl, Seahawks @ Minnesota. Mid-afternoon there the field heated up to -1°F. No snow, though. Vikings defense totally crushed Seattle until the 4th quarter, but their offense was lame. Seahawks scored a FG and a TD, Vikings had 3 FGs and were lined up for a 27-yard chip shot with 11 seconds to go. They got there by Seattle's 2nd-biggest ego committing a blatant and totally unnecessary pass interference, followed by a completion where the same ego missed his assignment. After 3 longer, successful FGs, the Vikings kicker missed the final one, Seahawks win by 1 point.

Hot dogs and stuffing for lunch. Had to toss half a dozen hot dogs destroyed by freezer burns. Packed the rest in a freezer bag.

A poor showing by both teams, not very exciting. The fans were not very vocal. I don't remember any egregious mistakes by the officials. The win was unearned, but this season luck has had more influence than skill.

Between games I put on a coat and hat and sat outside on the porch, reading. The current Kindle book was either free or close to it, Pneuma by Serena Kearney is a YA tome which I had set aside months ago to read some adult fiction. The writing is okay, there are lots of typos and several misused words, but the plot is thickening in interesting ways. Next up will be a posthumous book by Michael Crichton.

Next football game was Green Bay at Washington, the latter the overwhelming favorite, so of course they were clobbered. It wasn't so much the Packers stopping the Redskins as it was the Redskins demonstrating the concept that when you have the ball on the 5 yard line, facing the goal, you're not done yet. And also the concept that the purposed of the QB throwing a pass is for it to meet up with the hands of someone on his own team, and stay in those hands as long as possible.

There were three or four official WTFs, but none of them were game changers, due to when they happened and how far apart the score was. Despite all the hype for Aaron Rodgers, most of the win was due to other players, and the defense.

Ran out of football, but not out of afternoon, so I fired up the 4K-capable Blu-ray player, and popped in a 4K mastered DVD. Godzilla 1998, Matthew Broderick reminding us there was a time he could not act his way out of a stupid script. As far as tghe high rez fgoes, it was a big FAIL. Except for 5 minutes of daylight filming  purported to be on Panama, the rest of the movie was shot in the dark. Storms at sea and on land, subway tunnels, Madison Square Garden after the electricity went out, command posts and news control rooms darkened to show off the monitors, etc. Without luminosity, 4K is a waste. And it was a crappy film. Even my Casablanca-born French hero Jean Reno couldn't make that script work, let's not even mention a blonde Maria Pitillo. There was one LOL toward the end, Reno is wearing a jacket and hat similar to a French Gendarme's, and the parting shot of him is a copy of the final shot in Casablanca, minus Bogart and minus the "friendship" line.

Needless to say I did a lot of FFing. Got to say the surround sound was amazing. Too bad the score wasn't.

That inspired me to take out the garbage.

9:30 and I still haven't had dinner. I ate some popcorn watching the movie.

Plans for tomorrow:
NCAA Football national championship. Awkward day & time. May go to Vahl's to watch it. Haven't been there for years.
No basfa until they are out of the pizza place. Just too crowded and awkward.

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