Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Over the Hump

Up too late last night thanks to the songwriters' meetup, out of bed too slowly. Somehow got to work on time.

Spent most of the day trying to figure out a video feature called RRT, known to the real world as censorship. It's the signal which gives the TV industry's Rating Region Table system, which indicates the extent to which a show is appropriate for a specific audience (i.e. TV-G: General Audience; or TV-14, Parents Strongly Cautioned). This speaks to the V-chips in TV sets and cable boxes, and lets "parental guidance" be invoked.

Turns out it's not coordinated with when they display the rating on the screen. That's done at the start of every program segment, but is optional if the rating is "everyone". You won't see it on ESPN, for example. Or at least not often. The RRT signal gets turned on at random places in the show, stays up there for about 5 seconds, and goes away for about 5 minutes. Those times can be adjusted by the cable company.

Finally figured it out with the help of two analyzers, my team lead and KQED, which puts it on all three channels we can see in our lab. World, Kids & HD.

And it turns out to not be in our product yet. Which means I got to write a bug and fail a couple of test cases.

Lunchtime was a successful trip to Costco and I can haz new membership card. Two tricks - one is it wasn't crowded and two is I parked far enough out to not get trapped by the vultures.

Lunch at Starbucks, just a mocha and banana bread. No eye candy until I was about to leave, and then only one tall slender 35-ish woman. All the time I was sitting, a singularly unattractive woman was facing me over some guy's bald head.

Had my 1-on-1 with the Boss, which ended with chatting about photo equipment.

After work, Safeway to restock the freezer. Surprised it only set me back $125. They did not have no-pest strips, so next stop was CVS which also had nothing, and then OSH, newly remodeled in a way which maximizes the large space, which means it's a mile to the insecticide row. They had a stack of 'em.

Home, Facebooked, put one strip on the side of the monitor. Been bothered by the occasional gnat. One at a time, despite the Venus fly trap. Hung the other on a kitchen cabinet door where one or two gnats at a time also have been ignoring the Venus fly trap on the counter.

Next time I'm up at HMB I'll have to drop by the carnivorous plants place and ask which one would be better for gnats.

Watched PTI, and then the latest American Idol. This time they FFed through a bunch of losers. None of the contestants they gave a golden ticket to will be able to compete with what I saw the last 2 weeks. Well, maybe one, whose mom is a former colleague of JLo, had at least one big hit on her own. Daughter has potential, great voice - she sang House of the Rising Sun a capella but left her sense of rhythm in her other suit. Once she has backup music she may have a chance.

But she doesn't appear to play an instrument, something which will probably bite her in the butt later. And don't be telling me a voice is an instrument, I hate that conceit. She's young, she can learn.

And again I am later than I wanted to be. At least I've already taken my meds.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe make dinner from the lean ground beef, onion, garlic & mushrooms from today's shopping trip.

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