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Another multi-wakeup night, Spook slept on the bed a lot.  Bedtime and lunchtime reading is a posthumous  book by Michael Crichton, finished by  Richard Preston - Micro: A Novel. Probably not what Chrichton would have called it, Preston and the publishers were most likely looking at the exception to his rule of letting the reader guess if it was a true story: Airframe: A Novel - which was the one work of his which probably was based on a true story, aside from his case studies from his med school days.

Almost late to work, thanks to a slow start and too much time online and too much time preparing my snack cooler.

Spent a bunch more time writing up notes on my "slate" testing, but didn't file more bugs because the main issue was fixed by the engineer, but he didn't make the deadline for today's build, so I have to wait till then end of next week to see how muich he fixed, and if there are any other issues to file bug reports on.

Lunchtime was going to be IHOP, but I was running late, and they are slow serving singles in the area which has actual tables and chairs (I don't fit in their booths). So it was the newly-remodeled Bennigan's next door. Almost had the fish & chips, but they are served with jalapeño tartar sauce. So I got the "Irish Dip" which is a French dip sandwich with cheddar cheese (actually American), onion strings and pickles. Also au jus and horseradish sauce on the side. And a garden salad, which was 3/4 cruotons and 1/4 red onions minus the 3 pieces of lettuce.

The hostess was quick to find me a good table, but the waiter took forever to get to me, was slow in word and deed. He brought out the little tub of horseradish sauce on a bread plate, and on another bread plate was the au jus, placed on the edge of a thick linen napkin which was folded around a Bowie steak knife. When he put that on the table, the gravy tipped halfway over, anointing the table, but he was too busy disappearing to notice. Or for me to WTF at him about a steak knife for thinly sliced meat kin a sandwich.

The cheese was all wrong for the beef, and after half a sandwich I just took a fork to the beef, which was excellent. Had he been paying attention, I'd have ordered dessert, but it took 10 minutes for him to return, even after I asked the manager to find him.

Back at work, the new release was there, so I installed it and ran a couple of tests from yesterday to see if anything was fixed. There was one part of the "wait till next week" bug which changed from "that should not be there" to "That still shouldn't be there, but now I know it's being worked on".

Stayed late, finally left at 6:45.

Home, watched some PTI and American Idol and Heroes. The latter is woefully miscast. I have a tough time buying the villainess' act. Rya Kihlstedt. Most of the super-powered characters also don't convince me.  Idol was also a disappointment - too many low-talents were given the golden ticket. Contestants at this point only need 2 out of 3 "yes" votes, and in many cases a "maybe" became a grudging "yes" due to peer pressure.

Fired up the scanner and re-scanned all the lyrics, this time to pdf instead of jpg. Discovered some interesting features of Epson's latest scanware. Will do the OCR on them over the weekend, which includes Monday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make something with the beef patties, garlic, onion, mushrooms recently bought.

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