Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

First Sunday

Tomorrow was a somewhat unexpected day off, MLK Day, which I don't think should be a thing. Had he been the effective leader PCs make him out to be, Black Lives Matter would not be an issue today.
It also sucks that we have two 4-day weekends, then one full week, then a 3-day weekend, but no days off till Memorial Day.
Plan A was to shoot butterflies, Plan B was to watch football at a sports bar so Plan C happened. It was too cold & cloudy with traces of showers to shoot butterflies, and since Plan B was to wait till halftime, I watched the game until halftime, and with my Seahawks down 31-0 it was not an ending I wanted to see in public. So I stayed home, and made candied orange peels. It's a long process, first slicing all the peels I'd had in the freezer over the last 6 months, thawed overnight. Then putting them in a big pot of water and bringing them to a boil, apparently this is called "blanching". Pour out the water and repeat 2x. I saved the final water for the next step, mix about 4:1 sugar:water, bring it to a boil. I made the mistake of putting the peels in right away and simmering hem for 45 minutes. Fished them out onto parchment paper, and re-read the recipe, because what I had were soggy sweetened orange peels. Turns out I was supposed to boil down the sugar water till it was almost candy, which took about an hour. Put the orange peels back in, for 45 minutes, and that helped. Final step was pour a lot of confectioner's sugar into a large bowl and shake the peels around in it, a couple of handfuls at a time. Wore latex gloves because (a) health and (b) sticky. Had very little powdered sugar left over. Did I mention I made a 3x recipe? The finished product is in two containers, one big one for work, one small one for me.

The peels were "do a step, set the timer, watch football". After the Seahawks lost (they owned the 2nd half, but lost by a TD, glad I didn't see it) it was the Steelers at the Broncos. Bronco cheerleaders wore blue pants under white chaps. Very sexy from the back.

Kind of a boring game, two elderly, injured QBs were less injured than the reports (shades of NE), and they threw well, but someone seems to have paid all the Denver receivers to drop the ball. Too many passes which were in their hands and then on the ground for it to be coincidence. Steelers were ahead by a smidgen for most of the game, Denver finally got into the end zone and added a FG, before the guys in yellow ran out of time & also threw an interception before they could tie it up.

So I'm guessing the superbowl will be Panthers and Patriots. Could be Arizona and Patriots, but probably not.

BTW, superbowl is happening very close to where I live. Levi's Stadium is on Tasman, which dead ends about 3 miles south into my house. If I take Tasman to work, I turn up Great America Parkway with the stadium in sight, half a block further on.

One of the side effects of the orange peel adventure is my formerly favorite 2.5 qt pot is done for. Not dishwasher safe, but I put it through the dishwasher anyway. So I ordered a dishwasher safe 3 qt pot.

Also ordered was a wallet, since the one I have been using for 3 years is getting crushed on the edges.

D, who played one of the singers in LSOH and has an amazing voice and is very pretty, answered my question about her role in RENT. She was co-cast. Turns out she is doing the final two weeks, someone else who looks equally qualified has the first two weeks. So I've bought tickets to the opening and closing. looks like I know 3 other cast members.

Dinner was frozen meal lamb saag. Small portion, but delicious. Not sure if I had lunch. Maybe a banana and some nuts.

Shelled out $99 for the update to OmniPage, which retails for $500. It turned my 30 lyrics pdfs into 30 docx files in about 5 seconds. Recognition accuracy was so-so, but Word's spellcheck handles 90% of the mistakes. I've proofed 5 so far, 25 to go.

In other news, I woke up at 3 am to pee and Spook was in the bed almost next to me. Close enough to pet. While I was powdering the peels and putting them in the containers, she was whining at me, so I gave her one. She licked the powder off and played with it for a minute, then left it on the kitchen floor. It may become her newest toy, but I don't think she'll eat it.

After I ran out of football I popped the DVD of Willow into the player, and watched it. One of my 80s theater friends says she was in it as a stunt person, and she has a fuzzy screen capture of her character, who was on screen for maybe 3 seconds. I didn't see that shot when it came around on the movie, and her name is not in the credits. There are a ton of stunt people, in alpha order, but she's not one of them. It's possible she was cut out of the scene and got no credit.

This El Neenyo shit is starting to get on my nerves. The weather robots are all predicting massive rainfall, and all we get is a trace. The gummint has a lovely page which gives hourly rainfall for the last 3 days, with columns for the last 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 24 hours. It does the 24 hour totals at 3:53 am.  Looking at today so far, SJC has recorded about 0.66" since 7:53 pm. The rest of the day was just a trace, if any at all. Prediction was up to 5".
18 Jan 12:06 am 0.10
17 Jan 11:53 pm 0.10
17 Jan 10:53 pm 0.04
17 Jan 9:53 pm   0.14
17 Jan 9:33 pm   0.13
17 Jan 9:21 pm   0.10
17 Jan 8:53 pm   0.03
17 Jan 7:53 pm   0.02

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in again
If it is raining, work on the rest of the lyrics
If it is only overcast, maybe it is time to pull up the mint, add more gardening soil and transplant a couple of flowering plants there. I tried planting basil, but it couldn't handle the cold.
Maybe I'll go to Lowe's and see if they have anything to put there.

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