Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Second Sunday

Last night Spook spent all night on the bed, some of it within reach.

Stayed in bed till 10, on account of having been up past 2, reading more of that Crichton book. Did my usual morning routine, was shocked that my Hgl level was 80, without me feeling low.

It had rained loudly overnight, Gummint report from SJC says in the 24 hours up to 4:30 am they collected an inch. Not the 5" predicted, and basically what a normal January rainfall in pre-drought San Jose would be. So I'm calling it El Neener-neener.

By noon, it was hard to tell it had rained at all, except that there were weeds springing up in all the usual places, but bigger. So I hauled the Roundup out of the shed and sprayed the weeds, and all the cracks in the carport and around the house. Ran out of juice 3/4 of the way, got in the car and went to Lowe's for a refill gallon. While I was there I also got some locktite for the camera's GPS connector which keeps popping out. Can't glue it. it needs to plug into a different cable to charge. Also some Pro-level Goof Off to melt the permanent marker off the lid of the orange peel sugar water container, so I can re-write what's in it. And then a tour olf the nursery, which has been gutted in a major way. But there were some very nice big pots of flowering rosemary, except I already have a section of that in the garden going strong. Found bumble bees on some other blue flowers, something called Grace Ward Lithodora, a lot like rosemary except deeper blue flowers.
Grace Ward Lithodora
Same trailing plant type, similar look. The selling point was having to wait for the huge bees to find lunch elsewhere. I bought 6 pots, a pint each I think. The size I was looking for.

Next stop was Home Depot, because Lowe's didn't have black gaffer's tape, and I have another section of garden to replant, and needed something to put there. But I left empty-handed.

Home, got to work. Poured the refill juice into the pump, and pumped. Nothing. Seems like the pump was not working after the lid was removed and reset. Didn't make any sense, but there you have it. Back in the car, Lowe's, bought another pump container of Roundup. They also had more heavy duty pumps for a similar price, but I decided to go with what I know. 

Home, finished spraying. I thought there would be more to spray in front of the house, but what the mild temps and rain has done is raise up lots of poppies and marigolds. They won't bloom till the sun comes back, but they have pretty leaves. 

Now some real work. Pulled out the section of dead mint plants, needed the shovel to chop roots. There were a lot of tendrils underground, and I know that come spring there would be a lot more mint, but I was tired of looking at all the dead branches. I left some small plants behind, but 99% are in a big black trash bag. Out of all the mess, there were only about a dozen leaves to harvest.

Transplanted three zinnias from the iceplant section to where the mint had been.  "Zinia Zowie Yellow Flame" is the type, my older sister says she has some of those in Israel.

Poured a 2 cubic foot bag of organic garden soil into the section to the left of the rosemary, in which I had planted two basil pots, but they died in the cold snap. Planted all six lithodora in that space, and watered the two new plantings.

So now the carport garden is arranged thusly:

Next weekend, if Neener-neener continues to spit fitfully at Sunnyvale, I'll shovel the contents of the two leftmost sections into a big black garbage bag or two, pour the remaining 2 cu-ft bag of organic garden soil onto it, and plant something there. I will probably need to go to real nurseries to find something which fits.

Chatted a little with my neighbor Lee, teased Spook through the window.

Inside, watched an episode of PTI, and the latest Galavant. There was a tacky take-off on West Side Story's Sharks/Jets dance and one of the Morals was we are all the same, so why fight? They have named the latest villain Wormwood, and I am not sure if that is an homage to Matilda or a reference to absinthe. Probably the latter. Galavant's dad gets the best line in the show, no spoilers so let's say it was a LOL about what old school manly men did to express their feelings.

While I was watching that, I was also boiling up 2 dozen eggs for the coming month of breakfasts. I did one dozen the way one of my readers claims works - full boil, douse the flame, cover and let sit for 18 minutes. And one dozen my way, full boil, cover, lower the heat to simmer for 12 minutes. Both end with 10 minutes under a steady stream of cold water.  I'll post the results as they are revealed.

Proofread up to #20 in the 30 lyrics docs. I had to pull the original book out, some of the OCR was so messed up.

Completely forgot about basfa, but when I remembered I also remembered how crowded it has been at Round Table. By then the lasagna was already in the microwave. Dessert was a thin mint Klondike-like bar and a few candied orange peels. I need to make two batches from the one big one - it's too many to bring to work at once.

Plans for tomorrow:
CHM member reception and talk on Ada.


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