Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Try as I may

I was *this* close to getting to sleep at a reasonable hour, I even stepped away from proofing the last 15 lyrics, but reading and videos on the tablet delayed me, and it was after 1:30 am.

Spook stayed with me most of the night, she was still there at 5:30 but gone elsewhere by 7.

And the radio delayed me again, the rain was causing major crap on the roads, I didn't get out of the shower till 9:30, and it was raining like this was Seattle, but I took the back roads, which were more crowded than usual because a bridge and a freeway were closed by accidents, making people take the scenic routes.

I walked in a couple of minutes before 10, just in time to intercept a teammate who was on his was to our weekly Monday meeting. Not Monday = Not meeting.

Checked my machine, and it was all good over the long weekend.

Chatted with team lead, turns out that I'm out of tests to run because of one bug which won't be fixed till Thursday, and no source for a special European signal needed to run the others.

So I punted.

I had brought something like lunch, because the rain looked like it would be here all day, so I ate in the break room even though it had cleared up, mostly sunny, and warm. Streets were still wet, though, and there's a lot of construction going on.

Baby sister is starting a business, now that she is retired with a Navy pension. And she is writing a book on nutrition, for which she is taking classes on growing healthy food, something she has done her whole life. She's already a master gardener. Lots of email today between her and me and sister #2 as we try to (a) come up with a fictitious business name and (b) get her to focus on just one of the 47 things she wants to accomplish.

Phone sister #2, mostly to catch up, be also to talk about baby sister. Sister #2 is in Baltimore, which has had no precip in 3 days, despite dire predictions of Snowmageddon.  

After work, CHM for a members' reception and talk on Ada Lovelace, whom I prefer to think of as Ada Byron. The reception was better than the last farce, but only half of what they had been. There was some WIN, I found a seat looking at the back of the Babbage engine, and they cranked it several times. The staff incorrectly thinks the front is the important part, since that's where you enter the numbers to crunch, but the back is where all the mechanical action is. When they obtained this loan in 2008, it was only supposed to be for two years, and it is finally being packed up and returned at the start of next month.

The panel was somewhat interesting, but unfortunately only one of the three panelists was very articulate, and they didn't get into the subject very deeply. I guess they want us to read the one panelist's book. They also plugged a graphic novel which was not represented by a panelist, but is sold in the gift shop. Major FAIL, the gift shop was closed.

Home, experienced once again the rule which was also on the way to CHM: long before your exit, but too close to it to change lanes, someone will slow way down right in front of you. On the way there, the idiot turned on her left turn signal, preventing any thought of passing, but took the exit before mine. On the way back it was a drunk/sleepy driver.

Finished proofing the lyrics, all 30 are done, and in about the same format. I'm surprised how many I had forgotten, but remembered when I read them. I need to do a web search to find out how I can batch print them.

Opened a bottle of coconut water. I like it, and my tummy likes it. And I have at least 5 more on the shelf.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably will not got to the library's talk on patents.


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