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2nd Wednesday

is what today felt like. But I was up with the alarm, on the road by 8:45 and at work just after 9.

All day on one test which was really a series of tests to make sure one feature worked across a wide range of video formats.

Lunchtime dropped off an RMA for Amazon. Something I love about Amazon Prime returns is as soon as the UPS label is scanned they process the refund.

Got my nails done. Usually there are a few people getting pedicures, but today all 5 customers were fingers only. Various kinds of eye candy. One woman who was sans makeup, in gray sweats and hair not done but very beautiful, another dressed and made up to the hilt, $300 suede calf-length high heel boots, fashionable black dress but all that effort didn't make her pretty.

Back to work, new build came at 5:30, just soon enough to confirm there was still an issue with one of my reported bugs. Make that two.

Traffic was heavier than normal, but not nearly as bad as last night. It only took about 4 minutes for the intersection to clear enough to get out of the parking lot.

Finished the lyrics project. Renamed all the files with dates_songtitle, put the song title in the footer (started by making a macro to put the filename there, but with the date it looked shabby) Printed them all 15 at a time, had to go in to 4 of them and make them fit into a shorter space to make room for the footer. Only one had to be printed 2-sided.

Future plan is to inflict them, one at a time, on the songwriters' meetup. They have already heard three or four from Howeird's Grossest Hits web page.

They are old. The first one was written in 1965, I think, after the Seattle earthquake. The most recent 1981. I have been a slacker. But I have an excuse. I mostly wrote when I was depressed, and I have not been depressed much in a long time.

Once again the idiots who call themselves the Media are causing massive panic on the other side of the continent with scare stories about what they claim will be massive snow storms. So far all I'm seeing is a max of 1" of precip reported in the path of the storm. And I'm reminded of when my sister lived in NH and drove through streets which were tunnels piled with snow 6 feet high -- and that was normal winter snowfall. The same way the meager rainfall here in the past month has been normal non-drought rain.

We'll see. There's that old joke about how snowfall is like sex. You never know how many inches you're going to get, or how long it will last.

Delivered was 2 pairs of Levis in my size, if I was an inch taller. They don't make the suspender-friendly waist sizes in my inseam size.

This Logitech keyboard has been causing me more typos than usual, the keys are closer together than I'm used to. So I've ordered one with larger keys, and it comes with a smaller mouse (I keep hitting the side buttons by mistake).

And my BofA account was opened, have to wait for the mail to get the routing/account numbers so I can design checks, and set up direct deposit and bill pay. Tech CU sent a message in response to me writing that without  the Quicken connection I would be leaving them. They were escalating the issue to a tech guru. But frankly, their boilerplate answer was accurate, and is the way all to CUs have gone. Used to be CU members got better service than bank customers, but not anymore.

Plans for tomorrow:
donut day. I hope it is not like this:

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