Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Krispy Kreme Day

Woke up at 7, went back to sleep till the alarm at 7:30. Spook kept me company, so I didn't get out of bed for another 15 minutes. Or maybe 30. Can't remember what made me late, though. Skipped the shower because I had stuff to do online before work, got to work at about 9:45, I think.

The rumored rain did not show up. Baltimore sister Facebooked that they sent everyone home because of snowmageddon, but I followed the weather maps and NOAA reports, and it didn't even start to snow till when she would have been home after work normally. And only a trickle. 1/4" precip, so less than 1" of snow.

All the fear-mongering on TV & Radio infuriates me. It's a normal winter, deal.

Busy at work, lots of follow up on two bugs I reported, and a team mate discovered that another one of mine which Engineering had marked fixed was far from it, and then lots of follow up on that as it became clear that the thing was never fixed after all.

Lunch was on time for a change, China Stix, which closes at 2:30, I got there at 1:10, so plenty 'o' time for combo chow fun.

The new build was late, so I stayed late to install it and check that all my video streams were playing.

Home, watched an episode of Elementary. Lucy Liu looks way too sexy for a new mom. Sherlock's dad has become a regular, which annoys me. I liked it better when he was an unseen Bad Guy™.

Also watched PTI. Very interesting hearing Ron Jaworski talk for 5 minutes about Sunday's upcoming playoffs. After football season is over I'll take that off the Tivo list. Not interested in their musings about baseball.

Dinner was going to start with pita cut into little triangles, and hummus, but the pita was moldy. I have more in the freezer, but it's the non-pocket kind. Need to go shopping for the real deal.

At about 11 it started raining. Sounded like a train roaring by. But NOAA says only 3/10th".  El-neener-neener.

But it made my garden wet enough to scotch any plans I had of shoveling redwood chips into garbage bags tomorrow. And it will probably also be a weekend of no butterflies.

Got email from one of my Peace Corps buddies, apologizing for not writing to thank me for the calendar sooner, but his mom passed away at 102 1/2 and there was a house to sell and all those belongings to take care of. He  also had an ocular stroke in his left eye, but he got the bad one, lower part of his eyesight.

Delivered was the 3.5 qt Calphalon pot, much bigger than the alleged 3 qt one from Tfal.  Also got the refund for the Tfal. Also in the mail was my car registration renewal, not due till mid-March. Which means shopping for a car is on the to-do list. Many things I hate about the Prius, mostly the sight lines suck, and it is not safe to drive. Am contemplating the 2016 Nissan Leaf, which gets 200 miles per charge, but another hybrid, this time a plug-in, would be a better idea. Chevy Volt, maybe.

Paid too much for Quicken 2016 upgrade, and it didn't work with my Check Designer software. This is the 3rd time the Avanquest bozos have not had a compatibility upgrade for new Quicken releases, while still claiming on their web site that it works with the latest versions. So did some research and ordered a copy of Versacheck, which is Windows 10 and Quicken 2016 compatible. Their only failing is they push special ink of the MICR line, which has not been needed for years. It looks like it has all the features I want, will report when they clear the credit card.

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