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Nothing on the agenda today, mostly because it rained last night, and was cloudy & drizzling too much to shovel out the section of the garden I wanted to do (wet wood chips are heavy).

Last night:
I upgraded Quicken to 2016, though I suspected my check printing software would stop working. Avanquest Check Designer has always lagged behind Quicken updates. It was no surprise when it failed this time too. So I went shopping for something which worked on Win10 and Quicken 2016, and found this review:

Went to Versacheck's site and ordered the download copy, which their site said was Win10 and Quicken 2016 compatible.

After it took my credit card info, instead of taking me to a download site, it took me to an order status page, which said "Placed".

This morning:
Still nothing from Versacheck. So I went to Fry's because I had a shopping list of other things, and nothing else to do, but they don't carry it. Home, took a look at Amazon, and the product has 8 reviews, all 1 star. Turns out that after buying the product, you also have to buy another thing to print from Quicken, and another thing to print more than 150 checks. 

One more look at the order status page, it still said "placed" and it had a Cancel button, so I did. And got email saying they would let me know when it was canceled. Sounds like a scam.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be another product which lets me print on blank safety paper, create my own background image, and act as the printer in Quicken 2016. The other products want you to use pre-printed checks. I did find one which almost worked, but it was business software and required you to verify your business so it could watermark your checks.

Eventually Avanquest will get off its butt and fix its product, but till then I uninstalled 2016 and reinstalled 2015, which meant putting a lot of my preferences back in place.

Delivered this molrning by USPS was a Jelly Comb keyboard & mouse set, which looked online like a larger set of keys than the Logitech I have been usig and hitting three keys at once on. But it turned out to be small. Worked fine, but not what I wanted. I may bring it to BASFA to auction off. Ater I had set it aside, I was surprised to see the postman in his truck still in front of the house. He was cranking the thing, it was backfiring and dying. Young man knew he had flooded the engine, but still kept pumping. I went out and made sure he had contacted help, then went off to Fry's.

The Fry's trip also saw me buy a pack of ink for each of my two printers (Epson, so they of course used different cartridges). Got home and discovered I already had 4 sets of black XL and a set of the various colors for the big printer, but none for the smaller one. Smaller one does gravity feed, I use it for card stock and labels. The big one is fed from a lower tray, best for plain paper, but it does 2-sided, 4x6 photos (there's a separate tray) and CD/DVD (with a pull-out holder) printing. Both are wireless, and I sometimes print from the laptop and tablet.

Also from Fry's, which was an adventure because they moved the stationary department to the other side of the buiulding without changing the signage, was a 3-hole punch and binder dividers. So I was able to punch holes in the new lyrics sheets, and put them in the binder with the originals.

And after a lot of looking, found a large font keyboard, sort of wireless except it has a USB chargable battery, so every 2 weeks it needs to be connected. Azio brand. The letters on the keys are backlit in blue, and there's a brightness dial for them. And there's a row of small media control keys as well as calc, file explorer, email and home/favorites browser keys.

Hmm. Spellchewck  isn't working. Seamagic. May be a result of running as administrator.

Spent a lot of time on FB.

A couple of nights ago dinner was going to be smoked turkey drumstick, but it was too salty. Today I got out the new pot, dumped in the two turkey legs,  a leftover duck neck, leftover lamb shank (mostly bone), half an onion, a head of garlic, some mushrooms, a few slices of parsnip, frozen mixed veggies, and water, and set to boil, then simmer. After a coiuople of hours I fished out the turkey and sliced off chunks and put it all back in.

Ate about half of it while watching the snowzilla reports on the weather channel. I remember in my youth on Long Island that every year it would start snowing around Neww Year's, and we wouldn't see the grass again until April. Our driveway was a tunnel about 3 feet deep, and I usually had a snow fort next to it. So all this chatter about aq mega-storm and everything at a standstill made me wonder about People These Days®. They only got 30 iches. That's not even 3 feet. BFD. But I guess the deal is they never got that much in one day. OTOH, they never had a week's notice before either.


It's not like Baltimore or NYC is hilly or has winding mountain roads. And it's not like it's going to snow again this week.

Did some research on hybrids/electrics. The more I think about it, the less I like the Leaf's 100 mile limit. If you run out of charge, it's not a simple call to roadside assistance. The Chevy Volt is looking good except for the price. And the fact that they don't have the color I want in the Bay Area yet. I also need to look into whether it can take my favorite nav system as an add-in.

Plans for tomorrow:
NFL kickoffs at about noon & 3:30 pm. Maybe I'll put on my Raiders jersey and go to a sports bar for one of those
It's going to be too cold & cloudy for butterfly photos
Too wet still for gardening
Finish the turkey stew or freeze it
Take out the garbage
Maybe do some more research on hybrids

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