Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Un-planning commission

Yesterday somehow I woke up with the alarm, was out of the house by 8:45 and at work by 9. Maybe earlier.It was a typical Monday, team meeting and running one long test case. There was an odd alarm notice on my machine, and a team mate had said in our meeting that engineering wants us to all file a bug if we see this particular alarm, so I did. And now engineering has marked it as a duplicate.


Lunchtime started with a trip to Office Depot to find Versacheck, but they don't carry it anymore, and they also don't carry their own check writing software anymore, though the have a ton of the blank checks for it. Walked across the parking lot to Jen's Bakery, had a club sandwich and the worst iced tea ever. Sat outside because inside was full and the sun was out and it wasn't that cold. Korean place, nice middle aged woman hardly speaks English. All the patrons were Korean, and in winter coats even though it was room temp inside.

Home after work, relaxed for an hour, then drove to the Sunnyvale City Hall for the planning commission hearing. They sent us a flyer that it was a hearing on a permit to bulldoze an existing row of shops and put in low income housing with a parking garage. I wanted to hear how low the rents would be, and ask why the commission was not insisting on replacing the retail businesses.

I'm there at 7:30 for an 8 pm meeting, the room is still locked. Doors finally opened at 15 till, staff showed up at 7:59, meeting started at 8 somehow.

But they started with something else. A use permit which gave away most of a park to a private school being built on the grounds of an old (1950s) grade school. That took till 11 pm. Then came a permit for an elderly couple to expand their house so the 80+ couple who can hardly walk can move downstairs. I left after two jerks from the neighborhood spoke against it for no good reason.

I will be writing a nastygram to the commission to tell them that part of planning is to put the agenda onto the hearing notice so citizens can plan their time. I was also pissed that they approved the permit for the school to have exclusive use of the park during school hours, after it was clear that the neighborhood uses that park.

Next stop was BofA because the new debit card came with a notice that t change my PIN all I had to do was go to an ATM and choose "other" and "change PIN". There was no such option. I tried three times.

Home by 11:30. Facebooked, started playing the XFiles episode on Fox's web site, but faded after the intro, and went to bed.

Spook spent the whole night in bed with me, nested in the not-made quilt. She didn't get up till I was in the shower. That's never happened before.

This morning I was up with the alarm, and on the road by 8:35, at work before 9. Had to avoid the carpool lanes, which I don't have to do after 9.

Plans for the day:
BofA at lunchtime to change my PIN and deposit a check
MV Center for Reforming Tarts, Irving Berlin show. Janice has a pair of season tickets and the person she usually shares them with can't go.

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