Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dromedary Day

Quickly. Work was busy, a bunch of tests which took a minute to set up, 2 minutes to run and 10 minutes to document.
Verified a fixed bug, and in the process found another to verify tomorrow.

Lunchtime, Fry's, got a refund for the two packs of wrong Epson ink. Almost $100. They don't stock the right one, so I ordered 4 packs online for $80.
No real lunch, ate some PNB&J from my cooler, and an egg, and some cheese.

1-on-1 with Boss, lots to talk about. All testing related.

Stayed too late chatting with team lead. Instead of going home to be in time for Bingo, stopped at Lucky's for bananas, apples and limes the size of baseballs. Good thing Starbucks is nearby, needed to use their facilities.

Home, watched the last half of the 1st XFiles episode on the PC, then the whole 2nd episode on TV. And two PTI segments, leaving a 3rd for tomorrow. Because sleep.

Online, bought a copy of CheckMagic. $20. Still waiting for the download email.

BofA FAIL this morning: got email and text alerts that my savings account had dropped below $25. Went online, it was at $25 and nothing had changed. Checking was way above the minimum too. Phoned them, they couldn't see why that alarm was sent (they saw the alarm, but no transactions) so they are escalating the issue.

Plans for tomorrow:
Catch up on Tivo

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