Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Better than I expected

Spook waited till I was up before jumping on the bed this morning. I was up at about 9, and was ready in plenty of time to go to the Thai language chat meetup in MV. I was 15 minutes early, but wanted to see what was new on Castro, and there was a lot.

The film developing store is now a boutique clothing shop. There is a new Greek place with a banner celebrating 5 years, which is a lie. One of the Chinese places is now called the Asian Box. Go figure. Kapp's pizza which was also something else in the past, is closed for remodeling and some other brand will be there in a few months, according to the sign. The Thai place on the corner which had some suspicious kitchen fires and even more suspicious non-repairs is now Agava, or maybe it's where the Mexican place on the side street moved to and Agava is next door. Hard to tell. And that's only the first block.

Entered Amarin 5 minutes to noon, and was waved at by H, the meetup organizer. It was her, and her non-Thai-speaking French husband who speaks American English like a native.  About 10 minutes later we were joined by another member, a young man from Berkeley who went on a tour of Thailand, and was inspired to learn the language and return there to do some research in his field. Some kind of biology. We mostly spoke English, but H and & I answered some vocabulary questions for Berkeley guy. H learned to write Thai before she learned to speak, which is the opposite of me. It was a fun meal, and the waitress chimed in too.

Next stop, Capitol Ford, which despite the polarized Yelp reviews, was okay. As soon as I got to the desk C, a salesman, helped me, he showed me the cars I was interested in, and when another customer was done with finance and needed to see him again, he handed me off to a colleague, and returned when his customer had driven a new car off the lot. Colleague was good too. C also did the4 math on leasing vs. financing, and it's a wash. Bottom line is, not counting my trade-in, which may end up only paying off the rest of my 0% loan (I'm guessing), I'm looking at $1500 down and $50 a month more for the lease than for my current car payments. My recent experience has been that equity in a car is gone by the time it is paid off, so why do that?

No pressure, he had no problem with me not being interested in making a deal RIGHT NOW. His sales manager made a half-hearted effort, but realized nothing in the deal would probably change when I came back in a few weeks.

I liked everything about the car except three things:
There is zero storage space under the hatchback. And the hatchback cover is a tacky pull-out like the Prius has.
I was led to believe the battery could power the car on the freeway, but C said the gas engine kicks in at 40 mph.

The rear rear view is excellent, the front corners are partially blocked, the front end is exactly the same as the Prius. WTF? Side mirrors have built-on blind spot inserts. The backup camera shows warning lines and also shows where the car will go when you turn the wheel. The nav system has a large bright screen, and the map is easy to read.  

On the way to lunch, I dropped off the rent, and was told by the manager that no, they were not allowing 240v car chargers. I do 110 at the carport, so not a huge issue.

Home, delivered was a box which I thought would be my insulin, but it was a set of 5 carnivorous plants, which are supposed to slurp up the gnats.

I watched some of the Senior Bowl on Tivo, but it was a boring game, except for the Saints cheerleaders in their skimpiest outfits for the Alabama weather. I killed it after 3 quarters.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank and a little of the weather channel.

Dinner was oven baked fish fillets and mixed veggies. Rice pudding and an extra shot of insulin for dessert.

I gave Spook another of the mouse-like Star Wars toys, and she has already lost it somewhere. Eventually she will shove her paw under whatever furniture it is under, and extract it. And bat it to me.

Also delivered was a disk with CheckMagic on it, but it's not what I thought I was buying. I already had this program, and kicked it to the curb because it won't let me add my own background image, and it has an ugly GUI. So I spent too much time with CheckDesigner, entering the BofA data, and designing a check template. But after 4 tries it still looks wrong.  

Plans for tomorrow:
10-ish, get my beard trimmed and a haircut
If it rains, watch the Pro Bowl
If it is sunny, go to Ardenwood
If it's cloudy but dry, maybe shovel some wood chips and prepared the last section of the carport garden.
Coffee w/Janice
Take out the garbage

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