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Usually I write this just before bedtime. Tonight I have yet to eat dinner and watch the recording of the pro bowl. aka Prob Owl.

Easy day. Up at 9, no Spook until I brushed my teeth. After meds and facebooking, I made the mistake of shutting down the PC at 32% of monthly 2Tb backup done. Had to fire it up again, Acronis automatically started backup again. As I write it is 94% done.

Went for a haircut & beard trim, hoping my beard would look like Graham Norton's. But mine is frizzy and his is coarse and lays flat:

FAIL :-(

Since Safeway was next door, I went shopping. Not-quite-ripe bananas for mid-week, and a lot of frozen dinners, and snacks like brie, pudding and fruit cocktail. And guilty pleasures of two pieces of Black Forest 1-layer cake (I talked myself down from a whole cake) and piece of German chocolate cake. Also wings and beef corn dogs.

WTF is it with boneless and way too spicy? None of the supermarkets are stocking real chicken wings except for ultra-spicy ones. Everything else is boneless, except for the jalapeño and sriracha wings, and only one or two brands of those. I guess I did see one package of honey glazed, but thiose may also have been spicy.

Home, kind of kicking myself for being near Sunnyvale Ford and not going there (because I had frozen stuff to put in the freezer - but it was pretty cold out). After stuff was put away, I was getting ready to go back to El Camino and Ford when the phone rang. It was Sunnyvale Ford, I let it go to voicemail. Ah'med left a message asking if I was still interested in seeing a Fiesta today. I called back and told him I was no longer interested in a Fiesta. Because I never was. So Sunnyvale Ford is now completely off the list, and maybe next weekend I'll drive down to Capitol Expressway and lease a C-Max Energi. I checked KBB, and my Prius should get me a wee bit more on trade-in than I have left to pay it off. Maybe enough for the $1500 down on the lease.

But first, the "requires service" message has been coming on, so Tuesday I'll have that taken care of, and if there is time to get the car detailed I'll do that at Lozano's along with a wash.

Low blood sugar was medicated with German chocolate cake.

3:30-ish, drove to MV *$s but the place was packed, even the patio, and it was cold and very windy, so I listened to music in the car for half an hour, managed to snag a table, and get a mocha. Fired up the laptop and did some updates & a couple of virus scans (Norton & Search&Destroy) and admire some eye candy. Janice joined me at about 5:20, and we had our usual chat. Somewhat unusual because she had cataract surgery in one eye, and is amazed how well she sees no. The other eye is this week.

Home, took out the recyclables, but the only garbage which needed taking out was from the kitchen. And it was only half full.

Plans for tonight:
Pro Bowl

Plans for tomorrow:


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Feb. 1st, 2016 04:57 am (UTC)
there's probably someone out there carrying your picture to a salon who will say, "I want my beard just like this" :)
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