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Bringing the car in for service in the morning because each time I turn it on it says MAINTENANCE REQUIRED SOON.

I figure it will take a while. Hoping it will be done in time to take it to the car wash.

Planning on trading it in Saturday, so if the car wash detail guy is there, I'll spend some $$ to have that done, especially if he can touch up the paint on the side view mirrors which I messed up by using way too much GoofOff to remove the bug eyes so I could reposition them. And maybe he can take those off, too. And the faded Seahawks sticker. And the W. Actually I could probably take that off myself.

There wasn't as much in the bottom storage section as I thought, just a camp chair and a beach towel, a pine cone. Those are in the shed. The hatchback had a lot of stuff, but it all fit inside the grocery bag divider, which is now renting space on the washer and dryer. Think of it as a duplex. 

I also pulled out all the water bottles which were in the side door slots. I'm leaving the ipod and extra readers in the console, and I won't empty the two glove compartments till the last minute. And that reminded me to hunt up the spare fob, which will stay with the car when it is serviced & washed. I'll hold onto the main one because it has my house keys on it. Will trade the fob but not the keys when I trade in the car.

Got to work a little later than planned because Superb Owl had traffic jammed so bad at the 101 Great America exit I just got in that line and waited for the pigs in the two left lanes to get a green light since they were blocking my right lane. My preferred exit was the next one, but there was no way it would be any less of a mess. 

Still there well before 10 am meeting.  

Found a couple of failed test cases which could be passed with a little creativity. Not much else except continue to monitor the 5 programs I was streaming.

Lunch was Carl's Jr. Because it was close, but far enough up GA Parkway to not be in the SBowl net. Sizzler would have been jammed. And I didn't feel like taking the trip to El Camino.

Home, finished staging the car. Delivered was my W-2. Will run TurboTax tomorrow.

Loaded some auction items into the car, and went to BASFA, where the Word was there would be no auctions so there would be time for Hugo nominations. So I put them back in the car. As it happened, the meeting was short and the usual suspects brought stuff to auction despite the Word, so auctions were held after all. But I did not go out to get my items.

I won't be at the next meeting, it will be in the east bay, not a commute I want to make, especially in a new car.

If they decide to move to the east bay, that will be the end of my regular attendance. The temporary location is too small, and the table arrangement is not good for a meeting. We could probably change that, but so far they haven't.

Speaking of the car, the salesguy was wrong. The specs say it can do 85 mph on battery. His non-plug-in can do 65. Either way, it does not kick in the gas engine automatically at 40, unless you set it for auto mode. Major selling point for me.

Looking at their web site, the lease price they quoted was way high. I'll bring a printout with me.

In other news, I had time to make hotel reservations for WorldCon, but I had to split it in two. The Marriott, which is attached to the convention center, only had rooms at the con price available for the 4 nights of the con. I made reservations elsewhere for the 4 nights prior. I took a look at Amtrak, but their routes to Kansas City are after dark for way too much of the trip. If I'm not going to see the scenery, I may as well fly. Also, the round trip air fare is less than one night's sleeper car charge. Probably will go SW. Or Delta, if SW doesn't let me cancel. Because I'm not sure I'm actually going. But if I don't make reservations now, I will be SOL when I finally decide.
Plans for tomorrow:
Toyota service by 9
The rest of the day depends on their time estimate
Start doing my taxes

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