Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nap Time

Missed my nightly posting because I got OCD about a photo project. At work my USB picture frame has been playing the images out of order, even though they are in order on the drive. Turned out MSFT's photo resizer adds stuff to the filename which makes the order-by-name not work. It's not easy to rename a whole directory's worth of photos to fix that. Needs a combination of Excel and Write.

Average morning yesterday. No Spook till I was out of bed. At work by 9, or close to it.

Mostly monitoring things, and a lot of getting updated by team members (aka chatting). Gave the IT guy a Teletext demo, so now he knows why his valiant efforts were for naught.

Lunchtime was the Korean buffet named China China. It is now off my list as go-to places. The food quality is way down, several of my favorite dishes are off the menu, and they have removed all the signs telling what each dish is, and on some of them it is hard to tell. I took Bowers Ave instead of San Thomas Expressway to get to El Camino because of massive traffic-mauling construction at the El Camino/San Thomas intersection, but I was late and had to slow down for three schools letting out on or near Bowers.

Got a call from Chris at Capitol Ford, a polite follow-up, unlike the hard-sell I got from Sunnyvale. Made an appointment for a test drive Saturday morning.

During my "push go and wait an hour" tests I did some more research on the Volt and the C-Max. For those of you playing at home, all-electric cars are disqualified until they can be charged significantly in 10 minutes at a service station or something like it. And German cars are not being considered, for political reasons. So far the only issues I see on the C-max are electric-only range (which is well within my daily commute-and-shopping distance), the lack of hatchback storage space (but the back seats fold flat) and the less than aerodynamic back. The Volt is too low to the ground for my work and home driveways, and has limited rear view (why I'm ditching the Prius)

Home, crashed. Took a nap, woke up 3 hours later. Watched PTI, which was being broadcast from the SF waterfront, over dinner (from frozen - beef-like objects with veggies and mashed).

Lots of computering, some reading, got to sleep again at about 2:30 am.

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