Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day after Hump Day

Not a lot to say. Up with the alarm, somehow got caught up on FB and other computer stuff and didn't et to work till 9:45

Mostly worked on Teletext, trying to get a feed into our SDI switch. There were technical challenges. We keep getting closer.

Lunch at Starbucks, triggered the auto-reload on my app. Not much eye candy, and what there was got stuff to go, always for two.

A bit of chatting with Automation Guy and Team Lead.

Took the two required training courses: Government corruption and Workplace harassment. The corruption one was a joke.  Someone supposedly representing "our company" being asked to rent "our" trucks to a foreign politician in return for special treatment when the politician gets elected and takes over. Followed by the same rep being told that the current government of that same country will grant "us" a permit to dump toxic waste closer to "our" mine site, if we let the ruler's relatives have the safety contract. IRL, our company has no mines, or trucks, and my job title would never have anyone from a foreign government knowing I exist.

The harassment one was closer to reality for a typical American blue-collar company, which is not what we are. I was very insulted when the "old hag" who was used as the age discrimination example looked young enough to be my daughter. The message throughout was harassment is solely in the eyes of the person who feels (s)he was harassed, which means one has to be psychic.

Checked on Spook via catcam, and noticed how much she stands out against the light flower pattern of the guest futon, so I ordered a set of leopard print sheets.

Home, delivered was ink for the printer which Fry's doesn't stock. UPS messaged it was at the rear door, but it was in the mailbox. They're not supposed to do that.

Played with photoshop and made this:

It's the sage of asparagus.

Maybe you had to be there.

Made another pass at the USB drive for the photo frame. Tech support gave a hint on how to make sure all the filenames were in order. I thought I'd done that, but maybe not.

Dinner was from frozen as usual. Lasagna. Stouffer's meat lovers' big single.

Plans for tomorrow:
Gung Hay Fat Chance Dim Sum lunch with the gang. We have three Chinese people on the team.
I have shopping to do, but nothing that can't wait till after the Superb Owl
Maybe I'll put the 4K editions of Ghostbusters I & II in the blu-ray.


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