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On A Bicycle Built For One

Quiet morning at work, took the bike out to the dump at lunchtime, and found the trail which connects to the park. After finding the one which goes in a big loop in the opposite direction. I caught my mistake quickly, because you could see the info plaques on the right trail from the wrong trail. Every few feet on the Bay Trail, they have little informational who-dads mounted on a post. Stuff about the area birds, marshlands, rodents, what Sunnyvale does with its garbage, etc.

The trail goes behind the Twin Creeks recreation complex, and bypasses the Baylands park - it connects with the old Alviso Road trail at the far (East) end of the park. I took the trail back to the west end of the park and had lunch, then returned to work on Moffet Park blvd since it is all right turns, and bike-friendly traffic lights. Clocked about 6.5 miles altogether.

I'll post photos tonight.

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