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Long long long long process should have taken half an hour

Despite last night's dinner deciding to make several false alarms about exiting my body, barely avoided disaster when I got up to head to the car dealer's. I thought I was going to be Just In Time, but was there 15 minutes early.

Very pleasant salesperson, same one as last week, we test drove the car, I decided to just do local streets after it was clear the thing had way more than enough acceleration from 0-40. Slightly wider U-turn radius than the Prius, but not by much. Handles fine, very quiet. Nav display is excellent but there was one FAIL, it would not show Thai fonts in the iPod readouts. I didn't check Chinese. Maybe tomorrow. Much clearer album cover display than the Prius.

After the test drive I expected it to take maybe 20 minutes for the buyer to price my trade in while salesperson did the lease paperwork, but they have the salesperson do both.  The trade-in which popped up was mid-range KBB, as advertised, but the sales manager came over later and said he was giving $400 less. I should have walked out right then and there, but decided to see how it played out.  The final lease numbers he came up with were less than what I was given last week, so I went ahead with the deal.

All the paperwork at the salesperson's desk took about an hour, which is way too long. Then there was a long wait (another 45 minutes?) for the finance person. There was a ton of paperwork, and though she cranked through it at a not-slow pace, I was in there for almost 2 hours.

Bottom line, in at 9:45 am, driving away at 2:30 pm.

Drove straight into parking lot traffic on Hwy 87 heading into SJ. WTF? No idea what that was all about, but I got off at the closest exit, stumbled onto Tulley Rd. and from there to 101. Even passing Levi's there was hardly any traffic. Normal for a Saturday afternoon.

All I'd eaten all day was a banana at 9 am, so I nuked a couple of corn dogs, and sat on the rocker on the front porch eating those and watching hummingbirds. It was lovely outside, mid 60s.

Liberated the charger from its insane  secret panel under the front seat and plugged in the car. My trip home was all on battery, and it had gone from full to 1/4. When you turn off the engine, it tells you how long to a full charge. 6.4 hours.

But that did not last long, because I had errands. Girl Scout cookies were on sale in front of Lowe's till 6, and it was after 5. I had used the last $20 bill at lunch yesterday, so first an ATM visit at B of A. Then 4 packs of Thin Mints ($20).  And home, and plugged in again.

Played with the power hatchback gate, which opens by kicking the air below the license plate. Another kick, or a button push hydraulics it down again.
My grocery bag divider has been sitting on the washing machine all week, it's now in the back. It fit fine with room to spare.

All the controls on the steering wheel are in places I'll have to get used to. They made some stupid choices about that, but there may be voice commands. I need to RTFM. The audio responds to voice, it found playlists I asked it for, and if I say a radio frequency, it will figure out if it is AM or FM and switch.

Delivered was a pair of animal print sheet sets for Spook. I put the leopard one on the futon, totally spaced because I'd wanted to try the tiger stripes first. Spook helped by jumping onto the futon after I put the fitted sheet on, as I was putting on the straight sheet. She ignored my lifting it up for her to get out, and exited the other way, to the window sill.

So now she can be camo cat in there. It's the same pattern as the livingroom sofa throw.

Went online to enter stuff in Quicken, and to update my auto insurance, but Met Life won't let you do that online, and they were closed, are not open Sundays, so I'll have to wait till Monday.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank, they did a veterans theme. I think the first section was a rerun.

Heated up some stuffed cabbage and mixed veggies for dinner, and watched Elementary as I ate. And they are doing it again - making a soap opera out of one of the recurring themes. It looks like they are using it as an excuse to give an actress a job. Or maybe Lucy Liu, who now directs some of the episodes, wanted more repeat women characters on the show. Prior to this season, she was the only one, all the others are men, and there's really no good reason for that. OTOH, they introduced a new woman character at the start of the show, and just as I was getting to love her, they blew her up. :-(

In other car news, I put all the Prius' glove compartment items in a shopping bag, and when I got home I went through them and pulled out maybe a dozen things which I wanted to keep in the C-Max. And found a lot of batteries (for a point and shoot camera I tossed years ago) four or five USB drives (from when that was how the Nav system was updated), at least 6 pairs of reading glasses, one pair of dark sunglasses, a couple of 12v-to-double-USB adapters (the C-Max has two USB slots built in).

Plans for tomorrow:
Cut back the roses
Maybe do some carport gardening
Drive to Ardenwood and maybe get some better butterfly photos in the afternoon
Home, watch the superbowl on Tivo. For a change will not FF past all the commercials.

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