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Got all the things done, except for the thing I forgot because it was not a thing I was completely out of. And I forgot.

Up at the crack of 9, had a very odd dream before the radio alarm came on. Alarm radio? It was a classical music station. Anyhow, in the dream I was in what looked like an ops room, but at something more important than a con, maybe a multi-room symposium. I had no business being there, and of course was mistaken for a go-fer, and whoever was hading out tasks gave me a party plate (cold cuts, veggies, dip, fancy toothpicks, cheese cubes, etc.) and told me to bring it to Cooper "ASAP. Sooner than ASAP." I had no idea who Cooper was, or why I nodded and ran out of there with the tray, with no idea where I was going. After a couple of rooms which looked like board meetings where people just frowned and shook their heads when I asked for Cooper, there was a university lecture hall, and it was Cooper lecturing, I have no idea how I knew that but I did, and maybe 50 students in a 100-seat auditorium all looking at me in one big WTF. Cooper kept on lecturing, and just as it occurred to me that the ops person had messed up, I woke up.

Plan A was to go to Target and buy coated 1000 mg vitamin C 200+ pills and a shipping box at least 14x14x4. They didn't have either one, so I left.**
Plan B was to go to CVS for the same, so I did. I must say that the voice activated nav system found the nearest 12 for me pretty easily, but it took too many steps:
Say a command:
"Find POI"
Nearby or in a city?
"In a city"
What city?
Sunnyvale, California. Find the POI by name or type?
What's the name?
[it shows a list of 6 things, all of them CVS, many of them duplicates]
Which line number, or say correction?
Go to destination or make a phone call?
"Go to destination"
Press the voice button and say 'begin navigation'
[pressed button] "begin navigation"

And then it gave clear voice commands in plenty of time to get there safely.
And CVS did not have coated vitamin C but it had vitamin C on sale 2 for 1, so $10 for 200. So I bought a pair. No box, the biggest was 16x13x12

Turns out I forgot to go to the quilting store across from Target, in my rush to CVS. So that didn't happen because after CVS there was no time, I needed to head across the pond if I was going to shoot butterflies before the park closed.

Nav found it first try, which surprised me.

Not as big a crowd as I expected, but probably because by the time I got there, most of the hyped programs were over.  The train was not running, which meant I had to walk all the way to the other side of the park to get to the monarch grove. There were lots of individual ones flitting about on the way, but not landing or perched on the trees. At the grove, the trees which I'd seen them clustered on last time were bare of monarchs, but wandering all through the grove I found a few worth camping out at. Got some good photos. They are here.
Was surprised at how many were getting it on:

10 years ago there were thousands of them, on all the eucalyptus trees on the farm, but now it's in the low hundreds, scattered in one grove nearest the fence between the park and condos.

By about 2:30 I had all the pictures I was going to get, so I shuffled back to the car. Next stop, Murphy Ranch Walmart for that box. The nav showed me an exit I had not known about, better than what I would have taken. They had a 16x14x14 which I figured I could cut down. Also bought some honey roasted peanuts, orange juice to drink in the car because I had hardly eaten all day, some cookies for lunchtime snacks, and a donut.

Next stop was Fry's in Sunnyvale, Nav worked again. Parked at the electric car plug-in, but it said I needed a card for that brand of machine, so I asked at the customer service desk, and they said they don't sell the card. WTF? I still kept the car parked there.

I found two almost identical video-to-USB adapters, but one said it was "windows compatible" which usually means Windows 95, and the other said Windows 8. A shy skinny white girl with a Fry's name tag who knew less than nothing except her boyfriend is an engineer, watched as I did the barcode thing and looked them up online. Same vague descriptions, so I bought both of them. The back story is a theater friend had posted she was taking voice lessons (she's about 40) because she thinks she ruined her voice in the musicals she starred in as a teenager (I was in 3). I have a VHS of the last one, and I'd never recorded the whole thing, so I tried, but the SIIG adapter I had did not show up in Windows 10.

On  my way to the cashier I grabbed a bag of potato chips and a can of french onion dip.

On the way home I phoned the salesperson at Ford and left a message to mail me the Fasttrack device we forgot to grab from the Prius. He called back and wanted to leave it with the receptionist for me to pick up. I reminded him that's a 50 mile round trip for me, and he waffled about shipping something. Me thinking "dude, put it in a padded envelope, write my address on it, hand it to your mail person and you're done."

Home (I still have not figured out how to program my home position on the nav. My address would stop at the park entrance, I need the GPS colordinates), sat in the recliner, bowl of chips, can of dip and a diet Coke at hand, turned on the Tivo which had been set to record the Superbowl, and the Tivo was dead. I had to cycle power to get it on, and it had not recorded anything of the game, and we were now at halftime. I'm more miffed that I didn't get Lady Gaga than missing the first half of the game, because the whole game sucked.

Tivo is getting a call and an RMA demand tomorrow, this is the 2nd time it has died on me.

With about 10 minutes (football time) to go, I turned it off. Don't talk to me about defensive battles, this was a battle to see which team could make the most mistakes and fall over itself the most. Carolina won that battle, but the score is misleading, Denver was very close to losing too.

Instead I uploaded the photos to Flickr, recorded all of TheatreWorks' 1988 production of Peter Pan (I played a pirate named Mullins, though none of our names were actually used, even in rehearsals). My Facebook friend hardly sang at all, and never a whole tune by herself. Two duets, and some trios and quartets. But the final duet was "I Gotta Crow" and if anything will ruin a young voice, that will. So I made a clip of that and posted it to her timeline. She won't be too embarrassed. I'm sure she has a copy of the show.

Anyhow, turns out the USB thing I had been using (SIIG) was fine, it just needed the new driver disk. The Sabrent one did not work at all.

While the recording was in progress, I cut down the box, put the laptop I had sold on eBay in it, added some filler, printed a shipping label and taped it up. It's ugly, but good enough.

**I forgot the Polident, which Target, CVS and Walmart all carry
Plans for tomorrow:
PO, ship the laptop
No BASFA, because east bay
Learn more about the car

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