Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sing. Sing A Song

Woken by the alarm again. Had some stuff to take care of on the tablet, and Spook jumped on the bed and came right up to the tablet, and stared at me, meowed and then went elsewhere. 15 minutes later she did it again. No idea what she wanted. Her treats dish was still half full.

Took surface streets to work, seemed to get much better mileage from the battery than on the freeway.

Lunchtime was a shopping trip to Target. Alarm went off, I was about to miss a meeting. But there was no meeting when I got back.  I was delayed returning because I had ripped off an obnoxious warning sticker which was on the driver's side window, and the glue residue was making the window squeak and not always roll up. One thing I bought was goop-off and an eraser sponge. Those plus some fingernail work and a microweave cloth got the mess off, and the window now works silently.

Back at work, ran one test while trying to record a stream for another. But once again the programs were not lip sync friendly. Try again tomorrow.

Too far out of my way to go home, took Central to Rengsdorf and got to the meetup intersection an hour early. Pulled into the fast food(?) place on the corner and had half a shake and read Triffids until it was time. Moved the car across the street to the venue and tested the rear view camera. Not as good for parallel parking as I had hoped.

I volunteered to sing first, because I'd not sung in months. I had lyrics to hand out. Not a lot of feedback, which can happen to the first performer. They liked my voice (big surprise) and liked some of the alliteration. For once all the performers were doing actual songs, none of the electrotech multitrack instrumental people showed up. Yay! I wonder if the hosts had suggested they go elsewhere.

Home, also on Central. Battery was empty, even though the readouts kept showing 90-99% of my braking going into the battery. So after I unloaded the Target bag and my cooler, I plugged the car in. I have an app now which lets me see the battery status. It also lets me lock/unlock and start the car.

Dinner stated as a snack, finishing the last of the chips from Sunday. Ended up eating the other half of Monday's Togo's, and a Hostess cupcake and a couple of cookies.

Watched 2 episodes of PTI. Have other shows in the queue. Should copy them to the bedroom machine in case Tivo says my Bolt is shot.

The other laptop sold, at buy it now price after refusing five best offers. The original box is mailable, I printed a postage label and slapped it on.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nails/Postal Center
No 1-on-1 because Boss is on PTO


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