Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nail Day

There was some serious eye candy at the nail salon today. late 20's woman in a low-cut stretch cotton narrow shoulder strap top, very well endowed, sultry eye makeup to give her a look somewhere between mysterious and undead. As she was leaving, in walks a petite late teens woman with some kind of ornate tattoo taking up most of her upper arm. Very tight jeans, not much on top, gorgeous long black hair on both of them.

Usually the staff chats with the customers and says things about us in Vietnamese, but today it was all Vietnamese, and mostly about some football players who came in last week. On the way out, I saw Vernon Davis' name on the Jamba Juice franchise, and a photo of him in a 49ers uniform on the window.

Took the freeway to work, got there more quickly than surface streets, and used a little less battery, because it's a shorter route I think.

Spent most of the morning recoding PAL feeds, until I got a 10-minute clip with minimal errors and maximum talking lips.

Lunchtime  was a trip to Rivermark, dropped off the second laptop eBay sale at the Postal Anus, got my nails done, then Chinese chicken salad, orange soda and a chocolate covered cream puff for lunch. Reading Triffids.

Back to work, got the recording up on the streamer, ran it through the various downmix tests, with mixed results. Letting it play overnight at the lowest bps setting, expecting to not hear audio in the morning. Team lead is seeing the same issues on his downmix tests (we're testing different audio formats).

Playing with the Ford app, it linked me to an announcement that I'm entitled to free charging at the former Fresh And Easy parking lot down the block. Several restaurants, including a Peet's/Specialty's.  Got a call from Ford salesguy who misread my email, so I thanked him for getting my Fasttrak to me, and asked if I could get commuter lane stickers, and how do I get a charger card. I need to sign for the former, so I'll pick them both up Saturday. He asked me about 3,427 times to please give him a perfect score on the upcoming survey. I probably will. He did his best. His management didn't.

Home, delivered was a pair of 4E New Balance walking shoes to replace the beat up ones. I tried them out, they may be a little too big, but wearable.

Watched PTI, where they agreed that the Superbowl was a disaster, and had to turn on subtitles for XFiles because the redhead has forgotten how to enunciate, and half the time DD doesn't bother to. And one of the doctors in the hospital also was unhearable. Graham Norton had Jack Black and Elton John on, and then ruined it by adding Stiller and Dumber pitching Zööländër 2. At least they brought along Penelope Cruz.

Still in the queue are Dr. Who & Supergirl.

Dinner was TGIF chicken wings, sans sauce, the only deep fried battered bone-in wings I have been able to find in the supermarkets. Maybe I should hit up 99 Chicken. Mixed veggies, Ginger Ale.  No dessert.

Feeling a off, mild nausea, took drugs, shot up and am headed for bed. Managed to knock a half full vial of insulin off the counter and it hit the floor smack dab on the bottom, upright, and the bottom broke off. That's about the 4th time this has happened. Used to be they used thicker vials, and a drop like that (3 feet) wouldn't faze it.

Plans for tomorrow:

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