Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Anthon Berg hunt FAIL

During the holiday rush, Costco sells these lovely little dark chocolate bottles filled with booze, made by Anthon Berg, a Scandinavian company. I usually buy a couple of 64-packs at first sighting, and this year managed to find it 2 more times after those had run out. Today's trip to Costco was triggered b y the foolish hope that there may be some left, made more foolish by the fact that as time past, the quality of the product declined. Over time if not stored properly, chocolate blooms and crystallizes, and sometimes the booze seeps out, gluing the foil wrapper to the chocolate. Too much force will break the bottle, making a mess.

There were none left today. Costco sells them for about $17, online they are > $35 and coming from NJ.

However, they did have Ghirardelli's dark squares set, which include very dark, dark and somewhat dark with caramel. And Oreos 10-packs. And apple strudel, which won the decision over muffins for afternoon at-work snacks.

Also stocked up on Hungarian stuffed cabbage (beef, Glat kosher, not that it matters to me, but I'm impressed), Norwegian lox squares and lactose free 2%.  And cooked lobster. A 2-pack for $20. One of those was dinner.

Very restless night, what I get for going to bed early without reading in bed. 2 am I was chilly, the camo quilt is in the car because I was planning on taking it to the quilt store but have not done so yet. Maybe this weekend. Grabbed my space theme comforter, which Spook came out of nowhere to dive underneath while I tried to make the bed. As usual, she only stayed for a couple of minutes, then watched the bedroom from the floor of the livingroom.

Was up before the alarm, grabbed the tablet and did some web browsing, and Spook came in and yelled at me, then parker herself by my right shoulder, my back to her. As soon as I got up to take a shower she fled.

 At work, team leader and I were both experiencing no audio on output for SDI inputs. Puzzled on that all morning. Lunch was at Sizzler. As long as I only get the salad bar, I'm okay. Saw a theater friend, but he had positioned himself with his back to the room, poring over a huge book, so I didn't think saying hi was appropriate.

Back at work, team lead had figured out the issue with the help of a new feature I did not know about. Turns out the widget which identifies the bit rate of the audio was not working correctly, and that made the output widget also set the bitrate wrong. Irony is we were both testing the feature which allows the customer to set the audio bit rates by hand, and that was the work-around.

Just as I was starting to re-test, we got a new build, so I set up an overnight test with that.

Costco after work, then home.

Watched PTI, and then started to watch Dr. Who, but it turned out to be "doctor's notes" aka reruns with people's tweets superimposed. HATEHATEHATE that. I guess we are not getting any new Dr. Who. I knew that, but had blocked it out. So it is gone from my Tivo list. Watched Supergirl, and I am thinking maybe this is the last one. Every episode has fist fights (plural). Long ones. This episode was 80% emo. And maybe 5% plot. They killed off one of Laura Benanti's two characters (she plays the hologram of Supergirl's mom and also her in-the-flesh Evil Aunt Astra). And the writing sucks.

Plans for tomorrow:
International Friends meetup at Kabul restaurant. Have not been there for years, last time was either for a Peace Corps alumni gathering or after getting a massage next door.

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