Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

TGIFat Friday

Out of bed at 9, at work by 9:40.

Same work as yesterday.

Lunch was a croissant and iced green tea at Starbucks because intestinals were reacting to a lower immodium dose in an attempt to counter early onset constipation.  

There was significant eye candy.

As I was killing time after EOD, on Youtube playing Rose Sirinthorn songs, email arrived announcing an unexpected new build delivery, so I installed it to run over the weekend.

Wast wasting time because 7:30 pm meetup dinner in Sunnyvale, not enough time to go home first. At the new Kabul Afghan Cuisine, in a new block which was supposed to have opened a couple of years ago, but apparently did just recently. Nice place, but clunky heavy furniture packed too close together. We had 16 people, but the way things were arranged I was stuck talking to the same 6 people all evening. Also it's a very noisy place, hard to hear people across the table. Food was good. Huge portions, I took half home. All the women were married or coupled. :-(

Home, Spook meowed at me even after I filled her treat bowl. Annoying.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ford, get commuter lane stickers & e-charge card and lease account number
Hardware store, buy a short extension cord for the car charger. Idiots fixed the too-short cord with the awkward right angle plug to the charger, and it's only a foot long. Need more room to be able to mount it on the wall. Also need a set of screws for that.
Home, take care of that, cut back the roses and maybe shovel the redwood chips into a trash bag.
Change the litterbox cartridge
Relax on the porch, watch hummingbirds, read.


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