Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Did what I'd planned, and had time left over to waste

I didn't even get off to an early start. 10:30 drove to the Ford place, and:
- Got my commuter lane stickers
- Signed a CA DMV form swearing that I'm putting them on my car and not donating them to a superPAC.
- Got a card good for free car charging at nrgEVgo stations
- Asked for my lease account number, was told I had to wait for snailmail with my first bill

Hunted for material for mounting the home car charger on the carport wall:
Orchard Supply, looked for a short outdoor-use 1-to-1 extension cord with 3 prongs, straight in (not angled to be flush to the wall) but there was nothing shorter than 8', so I got a compact 1-to-3 adapter. Also bought a bracket which could serve as a holder for the piece which plugs into the car, and screws for that and for the Ford-supplied cord and power brick holder.

Home Depot, also no short extension  cord, but even better for $18, a set of three remote control outdoor switches with a short extension cord and a 3-prong plug-in.

Between the hardware stores, a stop at Eddie's Quilting Bee, which has the most WTF parking entrance in Sunnyvale, had to circle the block to find it. They don't do quilting there, but the nice woman behind the counter had a book of business cards, and pointed out two which were local and did the kind of work I need done on Sister's quilt. Took photos, and will follow up Real Soon Now.

Home, drilled pilot holes and mounted the power brick & cord holder and the holder for the connector. The power switch's plug is flush mount, and did not fit into the outlet, so I had to keep the awkward 2-fer extension cord for now. I know I can get a single at Fry's. Maybe tomorrow.

Had lunch, lox & pita & hummus with some goat brie. While watching The Magicians. This episode was too much spent in an illusion, and the psycho girl is annoying.

It was a nice sunny day (started out being cloudy & drizzly) so I went out and cut back the rose bushes. Way back. Maybe too much. We'll see in a few months, I guess. Some of the marigolds are budding. Lots of weeds in the rose garden, I may have to spray.

In  the mail was something from my company. ??? It was my paycheck. Last time I changed direct deposit info, the system screwed up, and sopmeone in Payroll entered it so it took effect on the next pay period. This time it worked correctly, and the system says it may take a pay period or 2 to kick in. So I unplugged the car and drove to the ATM and deposited the check. Nice thing about switching from a CU to BofA is the deposit-accepting ATM is a lot closer.

On the way there I checked out the chargers near the Fresh 'n' Easy down the block, and was surprised to see the store was still open. Also, the seedy Mexican bar is now a Broadway, I think it's the one that used to be on El Camino near San Antonio in MV. Burger and sports place. 

The chargers had two kinds of plugs, neither of them looked right for my car.  More research is in order.

Went online to activate the charger card, but it said my info was invalid for the free charging deal. I called tech support, and after too much blind alley troubleshooting, he came up with the answer - I was given an already authorized, good for 60 days card, the info I entered will trigger them sending me the real card in a week. Or maybe Ford is supposed to send it to me, but it has already been a week... 

Watched about 1/3 of Inside the Actors Studio, shot near Atlanta instead of NYC, on the sound stage of The Walking Dead. And the cast was brought on as if they were actual actors worthy of being on the show. When he started showing the blood and gore makeup effects, I turned it off. None of the Walkers were on stage, there was no reason to gross me out while I have having dinner. Chicken wings and corn on the cob.

Put on an episode of Shark Tank, where they shot down all but one proposal. Three of them were people who had half vast proposals, and no clue how unworkable they were.

Plans for tomorrow:
Laundry (will start tonight)
Coffee with J
Take out the garbage

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