Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Low Energy Day

Did not attack the garden as planned. The redwood chips have a reprieve because I was not feeling energetic this morning and there was already too much plant material in the garbage. We're supposed to get a green bin for cuttings, but I never did, mostly because I don't have that much to put in it most of the time, and they charge monthly for those bins. And I'm paying extra for a larger trash bin.

Instead, stayed inside, watched three episodes of The Magicians, did 4 loads of laundry, refilled the hummingbird feeders (or did I do that yesterday?) sat on the porch enjoying the mild sunny day and wondering why the hummers were avoiding the feeders and slurping from the across the street neighbor's bird of paradise and lavender plants.

My marigold forest in front by the spirit house is showing golden buds, more sun and we'll have flowers soon. The bee's friend plants are tall but not blossoming. In back by the shed there are some small tomatoes almost ready to pick.

Made a gourmet lunch. Caramelized an onion, with half a head of garlic, fresh mint & basil & store bought thyme in olive oil. Poured that onto a plate and put two lean beef patties on the pan, got them started then poured the sauté over them to finish. Toasted four slices of SF sourdough bread and made a pair of sandwiches. Very yummy. Thin mint cookies for dessert.

Delivered was a big can of malted milk. The very old container I had was all clumpy, and I was blaming that for it not mixing well with the milk, but this stuff is fresh powder, and it mixed even less, so now I know why the shake maker back in New York when I was a kid insisted on using the mixer for about 5 minutes for malts. NY malts are milk consistency, not that soft ice cream stuff out west here. Next time I'll use the blender.

3 pm, too soon to go to MV for coffee, I went to Fry's looking for the 1-foot extension cord. They had two or three bins of the Y cords, but no 1-to-1. While I was on the can there I ordered one online from Amazon. For the irony.

Then to Starbucks, an hour early so I could do the updates on my laptop. Reserved a table for 2 with my mouse & laptop bag, took the laptop with me to order. Someone who was in line after me got her coffee before my frap, so I know her name is Jamie, and she sat at the table in front of me, and I am in love. Very beautiful woman. She left just before Janice arrived.

We had our usual chat, went home at 6:30.

Beef pot pie for dinner, watched Elementary. They have taken the soap opera subtext to a whole new level, with a clinically shy but pretty programmer from a previous episode testing the waters with clinically scared-of-relationships Sherlock. Aided and abetted by Watson. Reminds me somewhat of a relationship I had with a very smart Mills College grad who collected nerdy boyfriends. She was not shy at all, but she did have a way with shy men. I was lucky to be one. Interested in seeing where the show goes with this. My experience was that she chose someone else, who let her down in some major way, so she ditched him and went for someone with less intellect and more handsome. I think. There was a child and a divorce. Completely unrelated, she is the reason I first met figmo, at a party.

Spook is getting fat, having trouble climbing the tree in the office. So I'm not feeding her treats for a while, let her go back to real kibble.

This evening's adventure was changing all my direct payments from the CU to the bank. There weren't as many as I thought. That done, I should be able to close the CU account, and get a cashier's check or something like it to deposit at the bank.

Plans for tomorrow:


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