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Fitful sleep. Closed the door on Spook, was not interested in her non-visits. Just as I was falling asleep after 2 am, chirp chirp from the fire alarm. Back in the day, when the battery was staring to go, it might chirp once an hour for days. First Alert chirps every 30 seconds until you do something about it. So I had to drag the ladder over, get a 9V out of the drawer in the kitchen, pop open the alarm, discover it needs 2 AA's, swap the 9V for those, and put the alarm back in its holder. All the while Spook is meowing at me. Put the ladder back, put the used batteries in the bag by the back door, back to bed, bedroom door shut again.

After maybe an hour Spook stopped scratching to get the door open.

Woke up almost every hour. Maybe I need to start drinking wine before bed. Or something. 
At work before 9:30, still not a lot of traffic. Apparently school is on break for the week some places.

Continued the tests from yesterday, and this time actually watched/listened to a couple of movies which I had not seen before. The feeds were from prime channels. HBO, Max, FX, whatever. It was easy to look them up because there were recognizable stars and catchy lines. First one was Kevin Kline, the Selleck guy, Oscar nominated for her role Joan Cusack, In & Out. I had seen bits of it, including the graduation scene with Bob Newhart. Great cast included Wilford Brimley, Debbie Reynolds, Matt Dillon, and a skinny Canadian actress named Shalom Harlow whose small role as an airheaded supermodel won my heart when she did a blonde valley girl's take on attempting, in a panic,  to use a rotary phone for the first time.  

Next up was JLo and Matthew McConaughey (channeling Brad Pitt as played by Woody Harrelson) in The Wedding Planner. Not nearly as good a movie, weak supporting cast, JLo's screen dad couldn't decide whether he was a New Yorker, a Californian or The Most Interesting Man In The World. JLo is the planner and (spoiler alert) steals Matt away from his intelligent, gorgeous fiancé, played by Bridgette Wilson, who got a major make-over for the part. In it she did look like Pete Sampras' trophy wife, which she is IRL. She was born in Gold Beach, Oregon, the last town on the coast before you get to CA, and major golf club country.

Lunchtime came in there somewhere, I went to the CU, closed the account, and was treated to the manager, who could have been a supermodel if she wasn't as smart as she is, begging me to stay a member. They know all about the web site foo, she said, and were fixing it Real Soon Now. But it has been months, so no. I told her I'd check back now and then, and that I'd left this CU once before when they announced they were becoming a bank. I think the feds blocked it, because a main reason I returned is they stayed a CU.

Took the payout check to B of A, gave it to a teller to deposit because I thought they might need signature verification, but apparently they didn't. Forgot to get some 1's while I was there.

After work I took surface streets to the SV library, for what I thought was an expert psychologist giving pointers in how to use online dating sites, but it was just a librarian who knew less than I did. The expert apparently was there last week. When I poked my head in at 6:55 no one was in the audience, so I went outside for 5 minutes, and came back to 6 women and one young man.  During the presentation one woman and the young man left, but three more women came in.

Home, watched PTI over a beef & pasta dinner. Oreos for dessert.

The Ford lease docs arrived, so I signed up for autopay and paperless.  Updated Quicken. CU already has me blocked from their site.  BofA still has a hold on my payroll check and today's cashier's check. WTF?

Plans for tomorrow
No idea

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