Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lamb shank redemption

One of the most expensive items at Costco is a pair of lamb shanks, pre-cooked in a Mediterranean sauce. Yummy. They do a kind of bait and switch, the price tag has some attractive (for lamb) number, but turns out it's per pound. And since most of those pounds are solid bone... So I always turn the package over and read the full price, and it's always major sticker shock. But it's excellent, and two meals' worth, so tonight's dinner only cost $12 for the meat and about $1 for the veggies and maybe a dime for the oreos. I can't remember what I paid for the diet Coke syrup, and never did the math of what that comes to per serving. Less than buying a 2 liter bottle.

So that was dinner, which I ate while watching PTI and the Graham Norton. The latter had a musical guest tacked on near the end as is their format. A group of DDG women with pretty good voices, called Little Mix. Very sexy.

Woke to the alarm this morning, after about 5 pit stops during the night. I think my Sleep Number bed has failed math.

After a hot summer day yesterday, it was rude to walk out to the car this morning and see low clouds and almost be blown off the carport. Huge winds. No rain, though.

Work was as usual. Lunchtime I asked the car to fins me a nearby Thai place, and it popped up one I had never heard of, somewhere near the Santa Clara Players' theater venue. I was excited to see this place, but when we got there, it was Santa Clara city hall. I doubt there is a Thai restaurant in there. Thought it would not be impossible. After all, for decades there has been a little Thai restaurant in the basement of what had been the psych and computer science building, Jordan Hall in the Stanford quad. I've been there many times, starting in 1990, and someone who used to work in the Psych department told me last month it was still there.

So I continued on and had lunch at KFC.

More work was thrown my way at the lab, this time video transcoding tests. Unfortunately these have to be done from pre-recorded loops, and today was the Australian Open from 2014, I think.

After work the plan was Bat Cave Starbucks, and by now it was raining only a trace but seemed worse because of the 40mph winds. There was no seating available except outside, so I got in the car and drove home. Plan B was Peet's, but then I noticed the emergency info form I had planned on returning to the landlord's office, so I dropped that off, and decided what I had planned to do at a coffee shop was better done on the main PC. So home it was.

Plugged the car in (all of the driving today was on battery), fired up the computer and launched into Match.com. After last night's talk, I decided to re-open my two accounts, but when I tried that at work, it was clear they had been deleted. I may have done that. So I signed up anew, new user name, old email,
put in the minimum of info because I had to also be monitoring videos. 

So I answered all the questions, and was miffed because 2/3 of the ones I had answered at work were marked as not answered. Did the lot, marked 2 out of 5 matches as liked. Added a bunch of photos, and this time actually gave them $$. I used to have a charter membership, which was supposed to give me free everything, but somewhere after the company changed hands a few times, they changed it to a basic account, where I could see matcvhes but not email or see email to me. Useless.

We'll see where this goes, if anywhere.

Also done at work in the waiting gaps, ordered Scharffenberger and TCHO chocolate squares, more honey roasted peanuts and a replacement for the lunch cooler which is starting to fray. Surprised I found the same model.

Caught up on FB.  And here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe SJ photo club. Depends a bit on the weather, because that commute direction is a mess even without rain.

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