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Photo Finish

Slept better for some reason. Spook showed up after I woke up and parked herself arm's length from me while I was on the tablet. Typical.

Work, the usual, all day for one test case.

Got a handful of Match.com hookups, all of them spam. Two closed accounts, three from far away wanting me to text or email directly. None even close to being a match.

Lunch at Denny's. A little challenging to get in and out of the parking lot, the city or county or state are installing new old fashioned looking hooked neck street lamps.

Stayed late, which again let me put the new build on the machine. Even leaving late, ran into horrendous traffic on 101 going south to get to a photo meetup. Commuter tags did not help, there was no way to get across the 5 lanes to the commuter lane and be able to get back to the exit in 3 miles. That 3 miles took 20 minutes.

The photo group bills itself as Santa Clara, but it meets in downtown San Jose, at the county sheriff's. Very welcoming group, mostly seniors, which explains the work night commute time meeting. They had an ancient woman in special to critique the digital pix, which were projected from a laptop to a small screen. Not optimal, but good enough. It started with a total WTF category called "creative". This is for people who don't know how to use a camera, but do know how to Photoshop. Most of the entries looked like avant guard art, and I would have thrown them out of the contest, but apparently this is a Thing in the consortium of photo clubs to which this one belongs. Out of a dozen or so entries there were two which obviously started as photographs. Then they got into real photos, and the critique-er was making some weird comments about some entries not being fit for the "nature" category because they did not clearly show the backgrounds. Normal zoom lens photos of flowers, perfectly executed. She was also all about titles. She wanted nature photos to have titles describing where the picture was taken, what the plant or animal was doing, and what kind of plant or animal it was, and she mourned the rule change which stopped requiring Latin names. Other than being a stickler for arcane rules, she had some strange ideas about composition, such as suggesting that a photo of a colorfully polluted river with some trees in the distant background was imperfect because the trees were 1° away from being vertical.

It wasn't all bad, she liked most of the photos I thought were winners, and she tried to say good things about something in each photo. I'm going to guess she is in her 80s. I'm also going to guess she still has excellent eyesight.

I left during the break, because I knew I wasn't coming back again, and if I want to know which photos won, I can look on their web site.

Home, first order of business was to proofread my theater résumé and attach it to email asking for an audition appointment for Tabard Theater's upcoming production of Memphis. The show originally premiered at TheatreWorks here, some of the folks who were in that production were also in it when it made Broadway, I think. It ran for 1165 performances, won a bunch of Tony awards and was nominated for a bunch more. There are lead parts for exactly two white people, one is a young DJ so that's not me, but the other owns the radio station, and that could be me. It also appears to be a singing part, but the only non-dancing part in the show. Perfect. I asked for a Wednesday appointment, but said I could do Sunday evening in a pinch. I would probably have to leave Consonance before dead dog if they give me my second choice.

The director is someone I have worked with before, and enjoyed it very much. I have never heard of the music director, shall have to look her up. The choreographer is quite famous in these parts, hopefully she won't need me to do anything except stay out of her way. :-)

I need to figure out what to sing. Old Man River would probably not be appropriate. They say Rock & Roll, R&B or Broadway Belt. 

I've used my Discover card cashback to order a DVD of the show. That should be here by next week. It should give me some ideas.

Late dinner over the latest PTI. I think now that football is over, I'll stop recording that. Still have X-Files, Magicians and something else to catch up on.

Plans for tomorrow:

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